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Anyone have the 5 Daily Islamic Prayers in English??


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I can't make a single line out of what u have posted.

Thank you for the effort, but like neo said, i was asking for the 5 Islamic Prayers...not the 5 Banis if tha tis what u posted cuz i its all clustered. :?

I guess i didn't make my request clear enough..

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All 5 prayers consist of a certain number of units called "Rakahs". All the prayers have a certain number of rakahs to them.

The obligatory number of rakahs for each prayer is as follows:

1) Fajr (dawn prayer) - 2 rakahs

2) Zuhr (Noon prayer) - 4 rakahs

3) Asr (afternoon prayer) - 4 rakahs

4) Maghrib (just before sunset prayer) - 3 rakahs

5) Isha (Night prayer) - 4 rakahs

This link give the english to the prayers and how they are performed:


Praying 5 times a day in this ritual prayer is supposed to help keep ones mind on God and to remind that He is always present. It is written that Salaat (5 times ritual prayer) is meant to keep us away from shameful acts while zikr (simran) is supposed to build love for God in our hearts.

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I think there are only minor differences such as shias leaving their arms by their sides instead of folding them infront of their chest and they place their head on a stone when then put their mattha on the ground while Sunnis do not.

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