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pyare gurmukho, i have decided to join this site here

to a big [glow=red:627784c69e]FATEH[/glow:627784c69e] to all the singh sahibs here.

singh sahibs, another reason why i have decided to post here is also because of main reason.

ok a bit about myself

originally i was a member of waheguroo.com until the partition and then joined sikhsangat.com. i guess i got fed up of some of the narow mindedness of some. but chal, no-one is perfect.

anyway, i am not sure but during my stay at waheguroo.com, there was a singh named "Yoda" who posted on that site how to tie the "patiala shaahi" paag. i am wandering if he is on this site.

gustaphi maaf

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sikhsangat was apart of waheguroo, but i guess that both had their differences and sikhsangat broke off. after the partition many broke off with each other. so we have forgotten many gurmukh pyare. i decided to join sikhsangat because personally i thought waheguroo.com was quite militant in some of their views. dont get me wrong, waheguroo.com is a good site, but some of the mods have offended me, and i just didnt bother going on there as it reminded me of these so called "gursikhs"

so i joined sikhsangat.com, it was supposed to be a neutral when it came to jathas, but it went straight to being a taksali website. again, a good site, but sad to see you dont see bani and the vars being discussed. i guess some were narrow minded (me and n30_singh should know, hah remember the manmohan singh thread?). so i agreed to join on this site, it doesnt seem pro in any jatha which is good, and its good to know more about sants, considering how much maharaj said how important they are!

gustaphi maaf

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