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did anyone see dat program on bbc 2 ..........i think

the Suri Tribe

they have proper stick fights, part of the lviving

the part that got my eeeing was when dey bleed cows to drink there blood, arghhh!

well nasty man, the journalist guy had to drink half from a full bowl of it, ewww :| :shock:

i rather stick to saag and chips to be honest :LOL::LOL::LOL:

ad there showed women with torn bottom lips and they stik plates in dem, it , it is a very different culture

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I saw this program. Those people seem to be in a very pure natural state of noble savagery. Their stick fights were particularly interesting because it was clear that their philosophy was to just go for the opponent - the "hows" and methods being much less relevant than the level of aggression. There was absolutely no jabbing with the stick (which seemed to be flexible and designed for non-serious injury)- just whacking. They stood within range exchanging blows with full force - it didn't look clean and sharp. I've seen some south Indian stick fighting and the Suri fighting shown in comparison seems a lot slower.

I was also struck by just how rational they seemed to be. Drinking cow blood is an excellent way to top up on key nutrients which are hard to obtain from vegetables or cooked meat. Making love before fighting could conceivably relax and de-stress and be good for morale. They drummed up their courage using songs just before the fight (called donga), and chanted insults and threats directed at the enemy.

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