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Feel sensation in Trikurti ???

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Aagiya Chakkar – (Medular Plexus) It is located at the root of the two eyes and the nose. Here is situated an inverted lotus with 2 petals, white like the moon. Its two letters are (khya and gya). It is called the Udiyang throne. Here the yogis meditate upon God himself, the giver of salvation. Phal (fruit or result). Whatever fruit (gain) is achieved by the meditation of the various above-mentioned chakkars, can be obtained by the meditation of this single Chakkar. Hence the great souls lay emphasis on concentrating one’s mind on this Chakkar, named Agya Chakkar. When living force and mind are stabilized at this place, it has the potentiality of being able to practise Samparigyat Samadhi (Transcendental Meditation).

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wait till it begins to move around like a fish trapped in a bowl...and then becoming narrowed to one single point centered on the forehead. Sometimes the sensation will feel like small bubbles are popping where the energy is builtup. in the end be thankful for whatever you have experienced :)

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I have had one experience a few years ago. I was doing zikr of "La Illaha IlAllah" with 2 others who were on the sufi path. That day things seemed to have gotten quite "intense" and I felt consumed by the zikr. The only way I can describe what happened was that I felt my body became empty of myself and I ceased to exist in my body except at a point at my forhead. It was as if my whole soul or being was drawn from my body and and collected at a concentrated form at the point of the third eye. All feeling was gone from the rest of my body.

I told the other 2 about this experience and they looked at each other and smiled and then one said "Now imagine the feeling once you take off from this point".

Anyway, I believe that an undeserving person was given a little taste of what is possible. I wasnt looking for any kind of experience that day... I remember that all I had in mind was to remember God by repeating this phrase and try and connect to Him out of love.

With this said I dont think people should go looking for mystical experiences because they can become the goal. I believe that leading a good life and being good to God's creation on this earth is more important than these experiences. If you get a spiritual experience out of love then that is a blessing but not something to get fixated upon. Spiritual/mystical experiences can also be a test I believe. In some people these experiences have inflated their egos and made them go downhill from there. I know sufi masters used to tell novices to share their spiritual experience only with their master because this would prevent the ego from getting fired up.

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DHANBABANANAK veer ji, Baz made an excellent point in his last paragraph, you should read it again if you have already and reflect upon it. :).

Personally i feel as if you are too scatered in your approach towards the chakras etc. I suggest you gather yourself and pray for the right guidence. If your prayer is Sincered, without a doubt you will receive this guidence :)

Altho you are not doing anything wrong, but any action without the proper guidence can be harmfull. So dont' take it as if im trying to create fear in your path, only trying to create better awareness in whatever meditation you do. I pray that you recieve guidence for it is times like these that we are most vulnerable and open.

Also i suggest you read upon this site for better guidence


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Dhanbabananak, its a great thing that you had this experience. Excitement is a natural thing after something new and amazing like this happens. Always be weary of the ego though especially at the stage when you start having experiences like this. It will try and sneak its way in somehow and can be very difficult to detect. This is just a little bit of advice to let you know what to watch out for because I have seen a few times what happens at this stage.

The further you progress along the spiritual path the more cunning the ego will get.. it has to keep up with your progress. It will try twice as hard to get you off track because now it knows you are onto something good.

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here is something an uncle told me at dixie gurdwara, one tuesday evening in 2000....(this is the beauty of sangat, you never know when guru nanak is residing on someone's tongue).

he said "harminder singh, main tuhanu dasda......

" waheguru was in its primal force and developed creation, in that creation waheguru manifested itself.....and waheguru created everything in cycles (day/night, evolution of species, hot/cold)....in that creation, god created man who was to realise god in that creation...(the element of god that can be realised), but then god thought....lets create an obstacle that will make it difficult, so the obstacle became maya (illusion...the transitory).....and so after man has that one moment to actually get to that point he will have to find god but through the illusion.....then out of maya came 5 dogs that have the duty of hounding the mind....(kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar)...(lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego)....these 5 are barking in our ears 24/7....as long as we live"

I hope that helps....

my thoughts:

an athlete who wants to win the olympics will see the training as discipline,

the lazy excuse of an athlete will see the training as punishment,

one has the will and will appreciate the training as it helps to constantly assess progress......

on the same note, as many others have said...be thankful to god of the hard lessons you learn.......as god is only as near or as far as you can perceive


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DHANBABANANAK, I can speak a little about this from a muslim/sufi point of view but I am sure there are similarities.

There are 2 things that will try and get you offtrack 1) The Devil (Shaitaan) and 2) Ones own ego.

The Devil is very much a reality in Islam and is considered to be a living being (A Jinn). Out of ego, anger and spite he promised to try and lead humanity astray. He made this promise to God when he was thrown out of heaven for not obeying God's command to bow down to man (because God created man with the ability to become higher in rank and nearer to God than even the angels). One of the names of the Devil is "The Whisperer".. who whispers into the hearts and minds of mankind.

The other thing that will lead one astray is the ego (nafs). The ego can be compared to a wild horse which needs to be tamed. As long as it is wild it is in control but once you have it in control it will carry you on the path.

Sometimes the devil whispers to the ego. The spiritual fight is within and without but even in winning the fight one can lose when "I did it!" or "I won over my ego/devil" comes. Success is by the grace of God only. Without the grace of God we would lose everytime.

Why do these things try to get us off track? Because there would be no point for us to be on this Earth if it was that easy. This world is a testing ground. The further you travel on the path the more difficult the tests will get. A grade 12 student will not get tested like a grade 9 student and a university student will not get tested like a highschool student.

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