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Granth Sahib

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After checking the forum i come to know that there are so many Granths from which we can do path, I want to know how many of granths are available for eg Like Guru Granth sahib, Aadh granth sahib, Sarbloh Granth, sampat path etc

So plz share your veiws & more path if any there which i dont listed

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Ad Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji are same thing just label are different. It's a same granth.

Sarbloh granth is a work of 10th master- Siri Guru GObind Singh Ji. It's a separate granth.


Sampat akhand patt is way just like akhand patt sahib is a non-stop recitation of siri guroo granth sahib ji-

Sampat Akhand Patt Sahib is method of doing paath from siri guroo granth sahib in which 1 shabad in between is reciten repetadily while reciting full siri guroo granth sahib ji.

Karamjit can shed more light on sampat akhand patt and it's maryada.

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Sarbloh Granth and Dasam Granth are different granths but they are both work of Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

To read more about dasam and sarbloh granth sahibs please run a search feature on our site..you will see enough topics regarding this two granths.

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thx allot veerji for your response, but if u can put extra light on sarbloh granth here with some pic it would be very nice otherwise i have to search & search

So if u know anything intresting about sarbloh granth Plz tell me bec. i hardly know anything about it

Thx paji for your regular help

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its not abt starting to believe in something else, somethings can be a part of Research - having knowledge of something doesnt neccessarily mean ur Drifting from the Actual path...

If u can help with some info pls ur welcome -- dont just waste ur Precious Words & timefor unwanted recommendations

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Sarbloh granth is work of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, how did you come to that conclusion? (please don't say its puratan or sampardya..etc..).

mehargags - I would recommend just sticking with Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Thats all you need. nothing less nothing more.

why don't you do search on this forum on sarbloh granth, read the debates and come to your own conclusion too???

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I asked my Gurdwara de Ragi nu he said Sarbloh Granth is a part Of Dasam Granth It is one granth in it.It is not seperate granth.

I have told that even Dasam Granth sahib Is not even written by 10th guru so don't read it.It is controvertial so plz dont read.

Is My Gurdwara Ragi (Bhaiji) Is saying truth If yes then Ok But if He is not correct plz gave me certain so that i can go 2marrow & ask him ??

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Here is what the Encyclopedia of Sikhism has to say about Sarbloh Granth.

"The authorship is however questioned by researchers and Scholars of Sikhism on several counts. First, the work is marked by extraordinary effusiveness and discursiveness of style over against the compactness characteristic of Guru Gobind Singh's composition as collected in the Dasam Granth. Qualitatively too, the poety of Sarbloh Granth does not match that of Guru Gobind Singh's Chandi Charitras and aar Durga Kee dealing with the same topic of wars between the gods and the demons. Profusion of metaphor and superb imagery of the latter compositions are missing here. Second, the author of Sarbloh Granth often uses his name, "Das Gobind" or the phrase "Das Gobind Fatah satigur ki" which is generally contrary to the style of Guru Gobind Singh. Third, the Sarbloh Granth contains, quite out of context, an account of the Sikh religion, which also includes a reference to the devolution of guruship on Guru Granth and Guru Panth (stanzas 3159-66). This would be out of place in a work of Guru Gobind Singh's own composition. Lastly, there is also a reference in it to Rup Dip Bhasha Pingal (stanza 2938/8 ) a work on prosody written by one Jaya Krishna in 1719, i.e. eleven years after the death of the Guru.

According to Pandit Tara Singh Narotam, a nineteenth century Sikh scholar and researcher, Sarbloh Granth is the work of Bhai Sukha Singh, a granthi or priest at Takht Harimandar Sahib at Patna Sahib, who however claimed that he acquired its manuscript from an Udasi recluse living in a forest near Jagannath (Orissa)."

The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism ed. Harbans Singh Punjabi University Patiala,

Vol 4, pg. 57

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Guest SAdmin

Writer: Serjinder Singh

Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha, (the famous scholar who wrote the book "Hum Hindu Nahin") writes (see Mahan Kosh under the entry Sarabloh Granth)this about the authenticity of this book:(translation of original text in Punjabi)

"According to the researches of Pandit Tara Singh ji Sarabloh Granth is the composition of Bhai Sukha Singh who was the Granthi at Patna. He disclosed that he was given this Granth by an Avdhoot Udasi living in the bush in Jagannath and that he claimed it to be Guru Kalgidhar's composition.

We (Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha)however, are also not prepared to accept this to be the composition ot Dashmesh ji because it mentions within it a composition called "Roop Deep Bhasha Pingal". Roopdeep was composed in Sambat 1776 ( 1719 AD) and Guru Kalgidhar ji passed away in Sambat 1765 (1708 AD). And further if this Granth is from earlier than the Amrit Sanskar (1699 AD) then how could it mention the Prasang (narrative) of (cration of)Khalsa and that of passing Guruship to Granth and Panth. And if this Granth is from after the Amrit Sanskar then why (Guruji refer to himself as) Daas Gobind or Shah Gobind names?"

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Unbreakable are u challenging the authenticity or the status given to Sri Sarbloh Granth & Sri Dasam Granth Ji, or are u simply saying that there is no need for them, either way i will post an answer, asap, as long neo dnt monitor it.

ne ways bk to the subject at hand,

'Sri Guru Granth Sahib = Spiritual Guru/Shabad Guru - ALL YOU NEED period' - you keep beleiveing that.

'Dasam and Sarbloh Granth, along with Bhai Gurdas Jis' Vaaran, Panth Parkash, Bhai Santok Singhs works, etc. - Sikh Scriptures' - I didnt see ne one write that Sri Sarbloh Granth & Sri Dasam Granth are in the same levals of SGGS

wa exactly are u trying to argue, :?

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