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flack in the UK


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I'm out of the UK at the moment, and read this morning in the paper that a pakistani man was murdered in backlash to thursday's bombings...but whats surprising is that its not even made the main news on the bbc or sky.

sounds like there's going to be a LOT more crap for men with beards and dastaars when I get back!

how are things on the ground as it were?

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london is ok at moment had a few clashes at night and all men with turbans can expect open seating on buses and trains as nobody wants to sit anywhere near you.

Kinda sad, but if it makes them feel secure let it be.

I have seen and heard of many cases where muslim sisters especially those wearing burkas and sikh women wearing patke are being verbally and in some cases physically attacked and intimidated.

There is no need to get violent or stupid against any racial incident as people are just uneasy at this time, but just remain weary and try to diffuse situations if they do occur.

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Really sad to racial attacks are happening in country like- England..i guess real white supermacy movement ie- red necks, KKK are finally coming outta their caves and showing their true colors..!!!

I know this is goin sound crazy but media is also fully responsible in their bias news and subtle attacks on miniority.

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