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got this in email:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

In between trying to catch Paaji on News24 (hopefully I'll be able to

put a recording of that up soon), responding to emails and a million

other things I managed to capture the network stream from Akash

Radio's net feed.

Before giving the URI's to listen or download the captures, I just

wanted to say that I haven't had time to cut/paste, dice/slice the

recordings so they are complete with Adverts etc. Also I missed the

beginning of the show; which was just a lead in by the presenter.

Additionally I had a network drop after about 20 minutes in to the

show; so there is a small break while I resumed the connection. Hence

why there are 2 files.

Additionally I had to do quite a bit of converting to change them from

a Windows format ASF feed (I'm not a windows user) into MP3 format,

consequently the files are quite big. If you want to wait I will be

able to remove Ads and compress into smaller files later tonight and

reload the updated files.

So given all the above - here are the recordings:



Part 1 is 13Mb in size - approx first 18 minutes

Part 2 is 53 Mb in size - approx last 1h and 16 minutes

Apologies for not getting the whole thing and the size, etc. Marfi.

Given all of the that - it was a very good discussion. And worth listening to.

As for the last guy that phoned in (Gurmukh Singh) - what a joker!! Sigh!

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education is definately something we lack in our community. we need to educate our people so that they don't disrespect Guru Maharaj.

only problem is people far better than me HAVE and ARE trying to educate our community (i mean people like yourself are trying). but not everyone listens. so there obviously is a lack of respect.

i think some of the elder generation are the problem, most of these people know more about Sikhi than me, but they decide to carry on doing as they please. so we have to do something....or should we just all let Guru Ji be disrespected?

fear is important....if you dont fear Guru Ji then you will disrespect them.

if you do not fear death you will carry on committing sins.

my parents had to create a slight fear in me for them, otherwise i would never have listened to them and would have done allsorts of stupid things.

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i hope you don't pass your demons onto your own children. be kind and reason with them.

it's fair enough if someone chooses to have fear because of their own personal religious beliefs, but not to scare others into accommodating religious beliefs that they don't share.

the intellectual property rights of SGGS and interpretation of "disrespect" are both issues that need to be resolved. multiculturalism officially hasn't worked, see? britishness has to be prime these days. there will be less tolerance for the idea that all cultures are equal in moral value.

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Bruce ji lets not get silly.

You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, if you need any ideas as to what to do with this time then please do not hesitate to ask.

I said "education is definately something we lack in our community. we need to educate our people so that they don't disrespect Guru Maharaj. "

so why are you still going on about this. You are just picking little things and trying to blow them up.

RATHER than argue with people on here why don't you tell people why it is wrong to take Maharaj to halls?

For the record most people agree with the campaign so thank Vaheguru it will not be hard to convince everyone.

Lets work together Bruce ji.

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Not having telepathy powers must make me a "retard" too...

I get what you're saying but I'm talking about bigger achievements than petty community activism of the type that you are suggesting can bring about. For instance, a democratically elected council of guardians or caretakers, responsible for working hand in hand with local authorities, police forces and central government to keep the peace and foster an atmosphere that doesn't inhibit individuals' right to practice religion without suffering indignities or offense. The advantage of this would be that families of Sikh heritage or with Sikh links won't feel under siege when they come under pressure from self-appointed rabble rousers to change their wedding plans or whatever. A nice polite letter endorsed by local officials, and "consultations" with police etc. would work far better, and would avert accusations of being led by the ear by extremist elements in local rags and all that. If you just continue to let whoever can get the job done just get on with it, radical fringe elements' influence and power will increase. That way, concern for this type of "disrespect" will become a matter of interest only to marginalists. Do you want to be marginalised?

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