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Giani Thakur Singh Ji Patiale Wale (Damdami Taksal) picture

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yeah, excellent katha, obviously mahaan kirpa of mahraaj has been bestowed upon them via the sangat of pooran mahapursh such as Sant Kartar Singh jee Khalsa, BhindraWale et al.

Please could someone, as Bhajee above has requested, post a pic of Giani jee as well as any insight into their jeevan. Nevertheless, they sometimes give glimpses of their experiences within their katha. (Giani Jee's katha is available on www.gurmatveechar.com)

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I know this thread is old but, i was realy lucky to have darshaan of Giani Thakur Singh Ji, in many ways my sikhi journey started with his katha.....HThey came to the Parkash 300 program last year in Hayes, and also did some diwans in Wolverhampton..........ill never forget what he sed to me.......it went something along the lines of

"People are always saying that "Oh Guru Gobind Singh is going to come back", I say when did he leave us...........Guru Gobind Singh Ji is standing here, right now, as we speak, when you dont have the eyes to see Him, Guru Nanak didnt go anywhere, Guru Ji is still here, its only worth you teekhing matha, to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, if, when u look up, you see The roop of all ten gurus."

He also sed that Sikh need to be like a "Pahaar" no matter much, wind, hail storms come to pass, the mountain never moves, You need to build your jeevan, ur giaan in sikhi, do bagti, and become that Pahaar, so when people come to shake your Guru, u stall tall and proud, the reason Sikhi is going down the drain is because people want to learn about everything expect whatGuru Granth Sahib Ji is telling us....."

That was the gist of the conversation, i mean They are so gupt.............i was sitting in the langar hall, babbling away, they suddenly i look behind and They are sitting there, quietly eating Langer, no fuss, no attention, but the something when u sit with Them...........cant explain it but ive never felt so at peace in those few moments sitting with them.......

aaaaaah memories........... :wink:

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