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HOw to meditate

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thanks for the sweet link Kam! I posted this link on tapoban.org and this is what a poster had to say:


P. Singh,

The Naam technique that Bhai Waryam Singh is openly telling on stage has many flaws. I request all Gursikhs to ignore it and not follow it even in their dreams.

First of all, who gave Waryam Singh right to give out Naam and teach Naam to just about everyone? The right to give Naam and its technique lies with Punj Pyaray only. I say this with great regrets that despite being the son-in-law of Great Gurmukh Baba Hira Singh jee Daudpuri, he is still openly giving Naam. He should have learned from his father-in-law who had lost all kirpa and Kala of Guru Sahib for doing much less offense than Waryam Singh is doing.

Besides, the technique that he is teaching is not according to Gurmat, in my humble opinion. He is stating that Naam should be japp-ed swaas swaas but it teaching otherwise.

This is the problem with the so called sants now a days. They try to imitate Guru Sahib and take on Guru Sahib's prerogatives.

Kulbir Singh


Sad :(

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Tell thim that sant waryam singh ji when he was little he did darshan to bhai randhir singh ji he worships. Bhai randhir singh himself was shocked to hear him at this young age talking about anahad dhuniya's.

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very good video on the website under the title of meditation. please watch it and learn from it.

the web address is


This link doesnt work but I would like to watch it, I understand its an old thread but can you give us the youtube link if possible?

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