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~Sampardai Parnali /Damdami Taksal..~


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OK, since I cannot read punjabi (I know, thats pathetic - but i'm going to learn it on my 20+ hour flight to India!)...

Could somebody please let me know what this states... did it start from Bhai Dya Singh Ji?

I'm not sure...

Starts with Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Then drops to Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji on the right hand side and Shaheed Mani Singh Ji on the left hand side.

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i think he should be mentioned as a student of siri man 108 sant baba gurbachan singh ji bhindranwale but NOT as MAHANT of bhindran kalan.

Only sant kartar singh ji deserve to be Mahant.

Tape is on GURMATVEECHAR. All the seva is passed down to sant kartar singh ji bhindranwale by sant baba gurbachan singh ji bhindranwale:


Substainal audio proof still stands unless proven otherwise....!

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We can go over this topic again and angain but the seva of taksal was handed to baba kartar singh ji not baba mohan singh ji.


The other reason that sites like sarbloh are biased and the whole of the nihang jatha is because Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji are in fact the younger brothers of Baba Santa Singh Ji Nihang.

If you do not believe me i can quote it from a book written by Sant Baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae

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Regarding the Mohan Singh Kartar Singh tape, you should make up your own minds after listening to the tape recording. This tape clearly states that Sewa of the taksal is gioven to Kartar Singh and the sewa of The gurdwara to Mohan Singh. Sant Gurbachan Singh further states that if Mohan Singh does fulfil this sewa then Kartar should assume responsibility for it. He futher gave his siropa to Kartar Singh and asks all the jatha to help and guide Kartar Singh. An interesting note after the fight at boparai was that Sant Jarnail Singh was present and he witnessed all that went on. He made a small reference to it at sometime, showing that what went on was not inaccordance with Sant Gurbachan Singh order. The Gurdwaras name is Akhand Prakash methinks. not sure. Mohan Singh was much older than Kartar Singh and so people resented someone young like Kartar Singh coming in. Again this happpende with Sant jarnail Singh coming in, it was resented by some of the elder members of the jatha.


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