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What would you advise


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One of my mates lost his brother a few weeks ago to cancer

The thing is his brother never drank or smoke or did drugs.

But the thing is he tells me that he sees people all the time who drink so much and smoke and do drugs and have sex all the time, and these people hardly ever have any problems.

What do I tell him that this is not the case.

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fateh ji

the way u have to look at it is statistically - the percentage of people who get cancer or any other life threatening disease is very very small compared to the amount of people who drink - smoke - etc

however - what happens to us in our lifes is more or less predetermined, how u live ur life is up to the individual, what happens to u in this life will depend on ur karams from previous lives, if its written that you will die at a young age of cancer, or live till 150, there is not much u can do about it

in allot of cases, people live their lives smoking - drinking - partying - sleepin about and they never think once about god or anything, the day that they are diagnosed with something like cancer they start thinking.. oh god how can u do this to me..

however the fact is that this can happen to anyone, in allot of cases it is the good people who go first, ive lost relatives who were deep into sikhi, spent nothing but their whole lifes reciting bani day in and day out, my dads brother went accross the world preaching sikhi in gurdwaras - he set up a school for underpriveleged children whos parents cudnt afford to put them thru education, and he died at the age of 45 from diabetes....

some things are not in our hands to stop, its a matter of kismet

im sorry to hear that ur friends brother passed away

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sort of similar to what my sikh brother asked before..

i have a gora friend who doesn't understand why we believe in God. In his life he has been through alot at a young age and when he asked god to help him and protect him he said God never came to help him.

When i said that God has been there for me wen i have needed God and he said what makes you soo special- as in there are thousands of starving kids and why doesn't God come and take away their pain.

And i honestly didn't know what to say- i jus said god brings them hope and thats a gift. And things happen for a reason. I honestly didn't know what to say! What would you say?

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aight think about this simi.

it doesnt just work like "o god plz help me." when obvisly u never think of god except when u r in need. u should always think of god. plus, wat did he do before he asked god for help? steal? drink? anything liek dat?

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well basically he was a child only 4 wen he went through alot of things in his life. He had to grow up fast and prayed for God to protect him when he was young and he said God never helped him.

Afterwards he stopped believing in God and i told him that he doens't know what he's missing out on. And he replied people only believe in God for hope- he said they want to believe in a happy ending so they created God- to give them hope.

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lol, tell him to listen to suleman the ghost tape then

or read bhai randhir singhs autobiography he sees into past lives.

reincarnation is the most credible life after death theory, primarily becuz if there was a eternal hell, it would involve an unjust god, becuz no god would give infinite punishment for finite actions.....lol i say that every time to moslems/christians and they go silent

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