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Fulfilling my duty as a sikh ? ? ? !

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Was reading the news on a website over the weekend, came across a story. In brief : A Young man was attacked by several sumalian youths. He was stabbed in the face, was treated in hospital, condition is said to be stable. The attack took place on a busy road and during peak traffic times. There were loads of witnesses drivers and people just walking past...

The question is .... would you have walked past ?

Would you feel it is your duty to help ?

How far would you go to fulfil your duty as a sikh ?

Or do you feel it someone elses problem ?

When was the last time you helped anyone, someone you didnt know ... a stranger. Has there been a time when you felt you should help ... but just carried on with your business.

Where do we draw the line.... as in do we break the law to fulfill our duty ?

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man, if i was to walked pasted and saw that ...the sumalians better run for it.

but then again, depends on why they beat the guy up, they could have got here own back on something? u dunno do you, the guy they beating could have been a prat anyway, so he'd probably deserve the beatin, so u mise of well join in :P

the possibilities are endless....

but i do think using a knife is abit over the top , u got 7 guys and one man, and u need a knife on top of that? A Bunch of wimps

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Good question. here's one for you:

Imagine someone has committed a horrible crime, and has essentially got away with it (cops werent called as in so many crimes, legal loophole, whatever).

You know where this person is, what they have done and the fact that the law isnt gonna do a thing.

What is a person to do? Do we take the law into our own hands and try to prevent those crimes being repeated on future victims?

Or do we leave Justice to God?

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still no answer as such.. I think that people hesitate because we cant say for sure how we're affecting the Karmic balance.

If people were to turn vigilante, then how would they know that they're doing right in Gods eyes? and where will it stop?

I think if we had a comprehensive answer things would be different.

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