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Shastar Vidya @ The Wallace Collection


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Gurfateh !

Here is a video from the Alpha etc TV programme 'Pardesan Vich Punjabi'

it was shown in 2004.

It shows a talk at the Wallace Collection given by Nidar Singh Nihang.

The Wallace Collection is a proper hidden gem - it houses an unrivalled collection of Arms and Armour. It also has walls lined with Paintings by Old Masters - Titian , Canaletto ,Rubens and Van Dyke - including the very famous 'Laughing Cavalier' by Frans Hals as well as a world class collection of Furniture and porcelain - All this and it's free !

The Wallace Collection is housed in Hertford House in Manchester Square W1 London. Just around the corner from Oxford Street - The nearest Tube station is Bond Street.

With the Christmas Shopping Season around the Corner it's well worth popping in - if you're in the area!!

The Video gives you a glimpse of the Arms collection - and Nidar Singh does a piece to camera - showing he is human - and doesn't eat small babies for breakfast - as some believe !! - the video also includes an esteemed member of SA !! - I'll let you guess who !!

Enjoy !

Click on the Link :


This second video is from a Hola Maholla event at Slough in 1995 - I recently re - discovered a box of old videos (hence the videos I've been posting) - the video - though not very clear - shows Nidar Singh demonstrating his skills - 'Back in the day' ( Warning - The carpet may give you a migraine !!)

Enjoy !

Click on the link ;


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good videos keep them up, what is niddar singh up to these days, i saw him and this other guy in india in the summer while i was at budda dal, he said hes writing a book on the nihang dals, at first i wasnt sure if it was niddar singh cos i have only seen pics of him.

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