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Prada Turban


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Prada Turban

For the Fashionista who has everything - The Prada Turban

HMMMM what do you think ????????


(* From METRO (Cali USA Published September 29, 2006)

Is the key to next summer’s fashion all in a hat, or more specifically in the elusive, enticing turban, the No. 1 accessory in Milan’s round of preview showings for the Spring-Summer 2007?

“Turbans are easy, quick and powerful,†said Miuccia Prada backstage, after her much applauded collection presented Tuesday evening. Earlier in the week, Giorgio Armani said he used the turban to underline femininity, while Dolce & Gabbana outfitted their club girls with turban shaped headbands.

The Prada woman needs power to don her new clothes, which, like her headgear, are enigmatic rather than energetic.

It’s not surprising that after her aggressive warrior collection for winter, Prada would opt for a calmer take on summer fashion. But the uniform-like collection with its concentration on the upper body and towering heels with little in-between was puzzling.

“There are no complicated thoughts this round,†said the designer famous for her cerebral fashion. “This time it’s just about fashion and making it more important.â€

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