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last post til i return from india in a couple of weeks.

i dont know whether you have all seen a post called kookay gone mad about some namdhari singhs becoming mast during an asa di vaar. just thought i would check out the fall out from the namdhari singhs being offended by the akj's

they have replied by finding this video




what is you view on the akj's getting mast in this

what is the gurmat view

personally i dont agree with it but i am usually proved wrong (due to ignorance)

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I think the main point of those who responded with these videos was that insulting others is easy when one is ignorant of what is happening in one's own house. Let no one think that now Namdharis are going to go around finding these videos to make other religions feel 'ashamed'. I can tell you for a fact that is not in the nature of Namdharis. Namdharis look at people who have achieved the state of bliss or Mast with envy, not with a demeaning or ridiculing view and that is why they are not insecure if approached by a person from Hindu, Muslim, Christian or the 20 million divisions of the Sikh community and would gladly offer them help in the fields where there is benefit for the masses to be reaped.

Whether or not being Mast is 'Gurmat' according to non-Namdharis I cannot comment, but in Namdhari Panth Mastanas were crucial in the various battles against Muslims and the word Mastana is interchangeably used with 'Nihang' as they have no physical or social concerns. They were loved even more than the Subas (highest title of a Namdhari Parcharak. An exemplary Namdhari so to speak.) by our Satgurus. At the same time it must be noted that according to Namdhari Maryada 'faking' being a Mastana (Nihang) is the gravest of sins.

Nanak Nam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala.

Fateh Singh

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mast masti mast.. if its real masti then cool its ur moment with maharaj it may be that physically moving, dancing, breaking out is just an external manifestation of an internal spiritual feelings..

but you will also not that there are some who arnt mast they just move for the sake of moving, was same for naamdharis it turned from a true masti thing into a fad.. everyone had to do it.. same with nihangs and their jakare.. used to be about real josh and shakti now its about making noise..

but i would say if u end up expelling the energy physically then u lessen it spirtually.. after all holding that feeling inside, only makes it so much more intense .. so maybe this is the movement which starts and energies the kundalini ?

who knows..

fake head banging like the little girl on the front row.. is sad..

funky head banging like the baba doing the bhangra moves with the ching ching things.. is cool :D

my opinion

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