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Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale-movies


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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

I was given these videos by a friend in 1984 - I have recently re - discovered them - so I thought I would post them for the Cyber Sangat.

Regardless of your opinion of Sant Ji - and there are diverse opinions - These videos archive a very important figure and an important and distressing period in Modern Sikh History. The Videos give an insight into Sant Ji's thoughts and actions and I urge all to take the time to view them with an open mind.

The videos are over twenty years old so are very dusty and not very high quality - the speeches are crudely copied using a Camcorder to film a TV screen - so I apologise for the quality.

In this first video Sant Ji gives a speech at Manji Sahib Amritsar - as Sikhs prepare to 'court arrest' during the Dharam Yudh Morcha (around 1983)

Click on link to see the video :


In this video Sant Ji gives a speech at a Convention ( I think at Manji Sahib, Amritsar ) - you can see all the Akali old guard - Longowal, Badal , Barnala, Tohra etc.

Click on link to see the video :


In this video Sant Ji gives an interview from the roof of the Serai near the Langar Hall Amritsar - it is in the form of a Message / Sandesh to Sikhs living abroad - you see the buildings around Amritsar in around 1983 - including the original Akal Takt Sahib , Minars of the Ramgaria Bunga etc.

Click on link to see the video :


In this video Sant Ji gives an interview to Kesar Singh Mand (Southall) in Amritsar - it is also in the form of a Sandesh to Sikhs living abroad - you also see Baba Thara Singh and Bhai Amrik Singh

Click on link to see Video;


Part 2 of the video

Click on link to see Video;


Bhul Chuk Maaf,

Gurfateh !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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best thing to do is get a software called camtasia (can be downloaded from certain bittorrent sites, however I would never suggest such an illegal thing as downloading software via bittorrent is illegal!!) just for information purposes the site a person wishing to commit this faul illegal act is isohunt.com and type camtasia into the search bar. Very bad people do these things. !


this program can be used to record whatever is on your screen, so set it to record the screen as you play the video on google vids. and hey presto you got a copy. I would advise using a codec or mp3 as recording it to a raw avi file will be massive !

Remember illegal illegal..

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