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Sant Sujan Singh Ji

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For kirtan-parchaar:



"Maharaj ji" as he is popularly known as among his sangat. He was born on 25th October' 1911 in the village Bagh, zone Jhang, India. His predecessors too were kirtiniyaas namely Bhai Jassa Singh Ji (great grand father), Bhai Mahtab Singh Ji (grand father), Bhai Gian Singh Ji (father). This was not their profession and they did it to satisfy their innerself. But when Sant Mandleshwar Ji asked Maharaj Ji and his father to adopt it as a profession then intially they were hesitated to do so but later on bowed before the Sant's saying. So Maharaj ji was sent to learn Kirtan with raag and taal. It was then when they came in contact with Baba Nand Singh Ji (Kaleran Wale) who blessed him with the Eternal Kirtan.

Maharaj ji spent his entire life teaching Guru Nanak's preaching's sharing Baba Nand Singh Ji's experiences and most importantly doing so through self application.

It was on 1st Jan' 1970 that he left his bodily form but he still blesses the sangat with his heavenly kirtan (available in the form of audio cassettes and CD). His presence can also be felt at Sant Samagam (Karol Bagh) and Anand Samagam (Rajouri Garden) in New Delhi, India.

Anybody who loves Kirtan should listen to him at least once and find for themselves. As no one can write about Saints so nothing like listening to them directly about their preachings and experiences.

I have no hesitation in calling him the "Epitome of Kirtan".


In the tradition of other saints such as Baba Isher Singh Ji Rarewale, I would not say this is kirtan per se, but rather what I describe as kirtan-parchaar, as non-bani is also being sung, and excerpts of shabd are sung etc, so in my mind it equates to musical parchaar, as shabd kirtan is exactly that, i.e. not mixed with anything else.

Sant Ji's Parchaar is very charismatic...

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Listening to Sant Ji's kirtan, I find that without any doubt in my mind, this has definately influenced many other Sants style of kirtan and most definately has been an influence on the AKJ kirtan we see today.

Sant Ji was one of the most prominent kirtan personalities in the 40's-60's, so did have a heavy influence on many Gursikh.

AKJ - some similarities - Par-taal (variation of rythm), on nearly all shabds, singing of Vaheguru in the shabd, tunes taken from various sources (non-raag), singing certain parts of the shabd repetitively...

Sorry, this post is not supposed to be a kirtan post, but just had to share these thoughts!


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In one old recording, whilst singing a shabd I heard Sant Ji start singing "Nach ke manaale yaar nu".

I know Sant Ji was heavily influenced by ras-leela, a sort of musical devotional re-inactment of stories of Krishna etc (this is where the use of chennai etc in kirtan was taken from), but were also influenced by Sufi singing i.e. there is a very strong Qwaal/Sufi presentation to their kirtan.

The verse mentioned above definately sounds like something derived from Sufi sources, I do not think it is from Gur-bani.

Would anyone know the original source of the aforementioned?


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Maharaj Ji has sung a lot of Bulla Shah's verses in their kirtans. This is one of them.

It is:

Meri Shaan Wich Farak nahin painda, nach ke manala yaar noo.


Jad Ishk namaaz chanitiya, o tad bhul gaye mandir masitiya.

jadon yaar ne aan deedar ditta, gal kehni nahin jehri bitiya.


Main kamli to lor, lok tamashey ayaa,

ishk wajai dhol, birho ne aan jagayaa.

Ik gal mainu dasi mahin,

oh agey main jaandi naahin.

dasan di nahin gal, yaar kuran chawaya. (Not exact works think)

Sorry for the mistake.


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Guest Ajaypal Singh

i have no words to describe maharaj jis kirtan and katha. Maharaj ji was not only great in kirtan but also in katha. Today, i have listened to many kathavachaks but they does not influence me to do naam jaap, but when i listen to maharajis kirtan and katha, i get too much influenced that everthing is waste only waheguru name is important. 

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Guest Ajaypal Singh

Many big persons in our panth got influenced by maharaj jis kirtan, like bhai sahib bhai balbir singh ji hazoori raagi said that when he was 8 years old he had listened maharaj ji and thought that guru nanak dev ji was doing kirtan, so we can say that maharaj ji was guru nanak because ' har jan har antar nahi'. Moreover bhai samund singh ji, bhai randir singh ji hazoori ragi, bhai chaman jit lal ji, rinku veer ji and even bade gulam ali sahib who was known as best classical singer in india said to maharaj ji why did u showed up to the world, no one can compete with u. 

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