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Baby Naming

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the tradition which i have seen is when a child is born in sarbloh batta and 5 patase and a sarbloh kard ( shri sahib ) amrit is made by a teyar bar teyar singh by reading only japji sahib path in it .... the from the tip if kard 5 drops of amrit are put in the mouth of the child and rest her mother drinks .... then a child is taken to gurudwara sahib and after ardas hukamnamma is taken .... and the childs name is kept on the very first alphabet of the hukamnama ....

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This tradition is very commonly practised amongst Khandani Sikh families. I have witnessed it performed regularly to younger members of my own family, it is effectively "kirpan da amrit" in the truest sense (i.e. to initiate a new born baby) and can be viewed as the equivalent Sikh practice to giving a 'gurtee' to a new born baby (as is common in Punjabi and other SE Asian cultures), except for the Sikhs it comes effectively from the Guru (represented here through the use of Gurbani, Kirpan etc to create the Amrit).

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