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Dress Code In College


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i am a banna wearing singh !!! and have recently took admission in masters .... and we have a dress code over there !!!! grey trouser white shirt ... on wednesday and fridays .... :( .... what should i do wear them only when needed or should i quit wearing banna at all ... if i wear banna only for special days i feel like an impostor .... :roll: ... is wearing trouser for follower of budhadal mareyada bad or some thing !!!! dont know

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and one more thing do any one know is sri dasam guru darbar and sarbloh guru darbar is available in pothis .... i mean i around 4 volumes ... and from where in amritsar i can get budhdal published book and gutkas .... i have been trying to get it from patiala press but its always out of stock ....

thanks for help in advance !!!!

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jassea, dumalla ban, wear a kammar kassa underneath your shirt and you will be fine. remember jesa des waisa bes. Even maharaj had to change his dress to escape at the hands of zalims."JAIKARA UCH DE PEER DA!"

and as shaheedeya said, akaalis are only required to be in full baana which includes chaar aina (armour) etc. For us sehajdhari nihungs kamarkassa and shastar and dumala are fine!

Gur Bar Akaal!

Sogi sache patshah tera khalsa jape akaal hi akaal sat sri akaal!

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