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Gita says that if one remains in bliss even in the state of

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Gita says that if one remains in bliss even in the state of the death, such person is in the permanent state of God

Bajji is a special item of tiffen, which is prepared with the flour of pulses with internal chilly. It is the hottest dish. There are three types of chilies. The chilies from Ballari region are mild. The chilies from other regions are of normal intensity of burning sensation for the tongue. The chilies from Guntur region are of the top hottest taste. The bajjies prepared from these three types of chilies represent misery of mild, normal and high intensities. Some people weep even for mild difficulties. Some people weep for difficulties of average intensity. All the people weep for the top most difficulty, which is the time of death while leaving this gross body cutting the bonds with every thing and every body. Thus, death can be compared to the bajji of Guntur chilly.

Gita says that if one remains in bliss even in the state of the death, such person is in the permanent state of God (Esha Brahmi Sthitih….Gita). Lord Krishna was with smile, narrating the future of this world in the coming Kali age to the sage Narada in the last stage of life, while the leg was bleeding! Jesus did not fear or weep even on the cross and He was preaching about God even in that last state by assuring salvation to another neighbor who was also crucified and surrendered to Him. Rama jumped into the river of Sarayu with the smiling face.

Hanuman tore His chest with His own nails without any trace of sorrow on the face. Therefore, if you can enjoy the bajji of Guntur chilly also (death), you are sure to have continuous enjoyment. I belong to the region of Guntur! While eating the hot dish, you will respire much, tears will be flowing from your eyes and your tongue will be vibrating. All these are external symptoms of misery and the internal enjoyment is not indicated by these external symptoms. Such equal enjoyment of good and bad results is called as Yoga (Samatvam Yoga…Gita), which means the attainment of the possible state of God. Without attaining this yoga, there is no meaning if an Advaita philosopher says that he is God stating that his soul and God are the same pure awareness. All the other meanings attributed to Yoga like physical and mental exercises are misinterpretations of the word Yoga.

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Dataswami, take it easy on the Guntur chillies - there is blessed acceptance of circumstance and their is stupidity, too much chilli can cause serious damage to your body. Everything in moderation Bhai sahib.

Also, as you are have such great knowledge of all faiths, would you be kind enough to do some vichaar on the apparent contradiction regarding what you have said about Jesus Christ on the cross and the holy mans words "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani".


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