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(A Rant) Say it aint true!!!!!


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Back in the UK after a few years and thought I'd hook up with some old friends - Singhs who inspired me to get into Sikhi, Singhs I'd literally spent all night with singing kirtan, good Singhs.

what do i find?!!! they ( couple of them were known as the Hitchin crew in my uni days) have given up the gift of Maharaj Ji's own sroop and gone the other way.

OK, everyone has a right to do what they want, but for me to see this was like seeing a slap to Guru Ji. Of course I still know they are the same on the inside etc, etc but it was heartbreaking to say the least.

What the heck happened to some of our sangat in the last 2 - 3 years?

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Sikhi is a hard path for sure - "Khanio Thiki Valo Nikki", and sometimes i think i should just worry about myself because God knows I'm not perfect, but it hurts to see a brother go the wrong way.

Or did you guys really think that campfire and camp Sikhi was going to work...

don't really know what the answer is....but i KNOW that part of the problem is 'our leaders' not practising what they preach while keeping bana on the outside but not the inside. Now I know why Maharaj ji says that out of crore people, there will only be 1 true premi.

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Guest Javanmard

1. Sikh leaders don't know what they're talking about and especially in the UK. You have a bunge ex-mone born again amritdharis who have NO knowledge of the languages of gurbani, its history, theology. Essential theological terms like eschatology or theophany are totally unknown to them.

2. The community is too obsessed with money and being acceptable to white people. So culture, knowledge and religion are not supported at all. Gurdware are just there to celebrate weddings and for spoiled brats to hold akhand paths for their exams or birthdays.

3. As soon as someone does know how to interpret gurbani and shows more knowledge than others these same born-agains exclude him or her so their power doesn't get treatened. What they teach the kids is not how to understand gurbani by teaching them the languages etc...what they teach them is a pre-fixed bs programm made by either AKJ or Federation.

Of course people will say: wha' did ya try to do to change that

And I'll say: I tried to teach but I was not allowed to.

Imam Ali (as) said:"People get the leadership they deserve!"

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To continue with quotes, some from that classic 1980's movie:

1. For those concerned about the "pre-fixed bs programm made by either AKJ or Federation":

Daniel: Don't those lies bother you?

Miyagi: No.

Daniel: Why not? people might think that they are true.

Miyagi: Lies only become true if person choose to believe.

2. And for Javanmard:

Daniel: Hey Mr. Miyagi, you know I've been thinking.

Mr. Miyagi: About what, Daniel-San?

Daniel: That we should come up with some kind of strategy.

Mr. Miyagi: For what?

Daniel: My future, my whole tournament career.

Mr. Miyagi: Miyagi already have one.

Daniel: Really? What is it?

Mr. Miyagi: Early retirement.

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Good heavens, I am mortified reading the last few posts by JM and forward backwards, really says a lot about this community, when western born, educated youth, with full access to education, free thinking and knowledge, cannot even write coherent English, particularly seeing that one of these is even a scholar at the most prestigious university in the entire universe, no wonder the world is in chaos!

You had your chances guys, Neo Singh has tried hard to moderate this forum to ensure quality and not quantity remain priorities, however alas, he has failed on both accounts and its all your fault!

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