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  1. http://jsks.biz/bhajan-bandagi-da-partap-sodhi-harbhajan-singh is it that one ? Thank you .
  2. My intuition is telling me your favorite channel is NewsChannel? I know I can read mind .:)
  3. This tree is empty inside and pretty soon will fall. Mom dad want me to get it cut since they afraid it can damage things or can fall at someone. So, my question is since we know trees feel pain too. What should I do? If I get it removed, poor tree Ji will feel pain and I will feel bad. If we don't get it cut, it can do some damage and mom dad will yell at me. Parents yelling is no fun :( Sorry OP Ji, too lazy to make a new thread.
  4. People have immense faith in Gurbani and they have the full right to say what Gurbani says. Next thing you will argue that I have no right to say labor pain is painful just because I have not gone through it yet and I should not trust my mom . If we are going to look at it that way then we all are frauds. Everybody is doing their best to help themselves and others. It's always a good idea to be humble and hear what others are saying rather than judging them "Oh show me if that's true". Knowledge is pretty powerful and free too. We all need teachers, when I am showing anger and if someone who is not able to control his anger comes up and tell me hey don't get mad, getting mad is no good. If I question him Oh really show me first if you can control your anger then trust me I am the biggest Fool alive on this earth . When I do my path and I go outside and my brother starts annoying me and I get mad. He always go people who do path should not get mad. What he does not understand that I fail every time and still try and his words can make me quit practicing what I am practicing . why people are saying "All is God". Simple answer is because Guru Ji says so. I never bring tukks from Gurbani because I am a kindergarten level here but this one seems fun let's try so here we go plus I need to learn too. God is everything, God is everything, without God, there is nothing. You can take it as metaphorically or literally. I take it as both ways and would not mind telling others either . Because next tuk will say sab kuch apey aap hai dooja avar na koyi. He himself is everything, there is no other at all. Now don't start the argument about Calling God "He". I am too old for this useless drama. We all experience the separation because boy we are full of Ego. Have you ever heard a heart touching Kirtan and you feel that love for everybody and everyone . For me that's oneness. Very rarely it happen but you can sit and just wanna hug every single person on this planet and tell them how much you love them. But some people will take it wrong way so be careful lol. Try to find where are you? I tried other day while eating. I felt like I was in my head and when I went to sleep I felt I was in my dreams and when I heard a beautiful Kirtan I felt I was in my heart. When we day dream we can be anywhere . Up to this day I don't know where am I ? I am here and then I am there but in the end I am nowhere. I am an illusion because when I shift my gaze in certain perspectives while looking in mirror I can make myself invisible . Kinda hard and useless to explain but stand front of a mirror and keep looking at it until you kinda zone out and poof your face is gone in mirror. It's a fun exercise, I mean better than making faces front of mirror .I know y'all do it too, I can't be the only one . Lol The primal lord, the architect of destiny who created you also put egotism in you . Everything is a wave until it gets observed and become Particle. Who is the observer which makes it a matter. Electrons act differently when they know they are being watched . Those sneaky suckers makes life so mysterious for us. If you magnificent the glasses all the way , you will "hear" ( why in quotes because science says so) that humans are nothing but thoughts and information . It went from brain ( flesh) to neurons to atoms to data. At quantum level, we have no body but an existence composed of data and information . Time to watch more videos on Holographic Universe. Go check it out , they are fun lol Sometime you will hear a child saying Mommy stealing is wrong and that child might steal after 2 hours but mom will go true stealing is bad. So , the point of this long post is (not only for you but for many others too who kept saying Oh your avastha is not there yet, so don't talk like this) take their knowledge and use it for your benefit rather than judging them. You will come across many people who are full of knowledge but keep gaining the knowledge instead of practicing it but still they have really good points to make . Some people keep learning and learning and once their vessel is full then they start practicing and some curious ones start sharing their knowledge. I do that too, when I learn something I wanna go and share and when someone ask me oh Really show me it's true then I am like next time I am telling you nothing lol. Have an open mind, a mind where you hear what they are saying and if does not resonate with you toss is out and if does maybe look deep into it.
  5. They are not taking it seriously because every single thing that OP is saying has been said on this forum so many times by the same person. Every thought of OP seems to be influenced by reading posts over here. True, there could be a 13 year old writing all this but where is she now? Unless she actively participate no one will trust. I joined the forum in distress too and when I posted my life here, I came back to check people's responses or to find some relief. I mean if I tell someone my pain, I will reply again if they talk to me . I won't just post and forget about it.
  6. Have been watching his videos and started reading a book. He does have some good or great points regarding not so common stuff . There are many more videos on his channel, worth checking out.
  7. This is beautiful.. He sings like Bhai manpreet singh ji kanpuri.
  8. Disclaimer: No Paapiman was harmed in the above post .
  9. So many contradictions going on or am I the confused one? In one side you are saying now women have more power and status so they are showing their true color. Which we will say for the sake of argument that harassing men. On other side all the CK series are talking about those poor women who were using men with their manipulating games and their so called tears . Then you are saying an average men can easily take 4 or 5 women so how women in power and status are able to harass men sexually now ? How CK is way ahead of its time when it is not even mentioning anything about women in power controlling men. All those stories are basically repeating the same thing which is that women uses mind games and men are stupid to not understand them. which is not true all the time since women are the most emotional ones and they can be easily manipulated too. Men play mind games too to get their means out. Iyou can choose to find negativity in opposite gender or all the positive qualities, take is on you cuz whatever you will focus on that's what you will attract.
  10. This is pretty music type too but it brings me the love I can't describe .
  11. She's talking about CK series, it's pretty obvious.
  12. All of that stuff has been said on this forum. Every single thing you are saying has been discussed on, argued on and it gotten to the point where no party was listening to each other but just getting on with the argument. You are 13.. Only 13 living in America ( a place where so much freedom is given that option is on you how you gonna and wanna use that freedom ). Even if you are given no freedom you can still get it. I don't know if your words are exactly your words or are being influenced by reading posts on this forum. Let's talk about being a housewife like your mom. I have not met a single Indian family who does not want their kids to excel in academic area and land a perfect job. Most of the mundey either getting on with drugs or driving trucks so parents always have high hopes from their daughters. Being happy and unhappy is such a weird phenomena, you can have everything and you can still be unhappy or you can be a penniless but can be the happiest person ever . However, let's agree that your family will force you to be a housewife then you always have the option to make it clear that you wanna have a career and work. Your husband will help you to have a career. This thing you should not be worrying and thinking about at the age of 13 to be honest . I won't talk about why harimandar sahib Ji is not allowing women do Seva since I will never question why women are given the right to give birth and men not. And so many other rituals and rules which goes above our head but are there. Things like laws where you slap a man and people laugh with you but if you slap a woman they will be ready to kill. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a man and woman . This issue has been discussed and there are many other places which allows women to do all Seva and instead of fighting with the people who are non supportive, let's go to them who are supportive. We can waste our whole life fighting about who is given more priveledge and if we do the math, we will realize we women are not that victim as much we are calling ourself . You are pretty young, don't and I mean don't get influenced with things you read or hear. Why vaheguroo loves men more than women ? And how exactly we have gotten to this conclusion? Oh based on the perception that society thinks men can have more freedom and able to do Seva at gurughar and women can't so god loves men more than women. Then think about all those people at this moment crying for food, God must have hated them so much that they are born like this. People suffering from diseases, dying every single day are the most hatred people by God? you are only 13 and your thinking is Making me sad since all the stuff you said is exactly the words of other member and please don't go on that route. This women rights thing will get you so crazy that you will forget the real meaning of life. Everybody regardless of their gender go through phases where they feel their life is worthless no matter how much money, status they have. It's human nature, only people who do meditation and do good deeds feel good about their lives . Very few are those who can stay happy. Don't think your life is doomed since you are assuming all these things. Good and bad days both will come until you will learn there is no difference between them and it will take quite a time to get there unfortunately but it's all worth it lol I don't know where I am going with this but you gotta change your thinking and instead of looking all the stuff you saying. Look into the things you can do. Start with baby steps, look for the things you can do but your bro ether can't? Parents have their different ways to show love. I used to complain that my brother would get new clothes and I used to wear his used one. But my brother was more spoiled one and I was the easy one to listen so I was helping mom dad financially by wearing my brothers used school uniform lol. That time I never got it and now I know I helped them. I did get new clothes but those were girly ones. Even my friends used to get their older sisters used clothes so gender has nothing to do with it. Some parents love girls more than boys and it's pretty common and it has nothing to do with gender . I have never seen men complaining, they actually feel happy. My brother appreciate now when mom treating me really nice and he joins her and I kinda get extra attention . The point is everybody have their own way of showing love. Don't feel bad about being a woman, anybody who calls you unclean and dirty has to clean itself first. You are the only one who can judge where you stand, what other says will be useless since their opinion are their perceptions not your reality . I have never felt bad about being a woman, always felt blessed. Being a woman is a huge blessing, without women this world will stop so why think bad about oneself . Gurbani never put women down and 10th Master never hated women. I think you are referring to CK series, you are only 13. Start with what is good rather than what you assume is not good. Start with cultivating love first and see how it changes you . YouTube Hans wilheim, I am too lazy to upload but worth listening .
  13. Haye rabba...I said I am gonna do an exercise where I will watch and "observe" my mind while it judges others and my own self. Not that I will sit and say oh let me say 10 judgmental things about this person. that just defeat the whole purpose of the exercise and observing my very own self .lol
  14. It's too late, we lost them. They waited and waited and waited for your sorry but their ears and eyes went numb while waiting. Two months...I mean Two crazy months bro they are enough to lose people over a sorry. But you don't worry, atleast you said sorry. Sure we lost them but new people will be sent on this forum and you can say sorry to them . Don't lose hope, we all with you .
  15. Pray for a husband who will not become a hindrance but a catalyst in your spiritual journey.
  16. Naw.. Yogi bhajan balanced it out so we good .
  17. Jasper ji.. I am not "for" or "against" what everybody is having discussion on. I am just making a point that Laws are not set on stone. They can be bend and broken. I don't think anyone is saying that Male and female Union is bad or not accepted by creator. For me husband and wife relationship is pretty sacred. Attachemnt is created by creator too and we are told to let it go. This world or illusion whatever you wanna call is created by creator too and it's beautiful, even in the darkest time it's still beautiful and still we are told to abandoned it rather that getting attached to it. So what can we do.
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