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  1. I worded it wrong by saying I don't believe in God or karma. I meant to say I don't believe or not believe. What I'm basically saying is I don't know. Hopefully it makes sense to you. Stay cool bro no need to attack people with different views than yourself.
  2. First of all I don't have the IQ to understand Gurbani. That's why I try not to decipher it's meaning because I may take it the wrong way when the meaning is actually different. High-level gurmukhs understand the true meaning. I have my opinions though just like you do. I don't think Guru Gobind Singh Ji came out the womb fully realized. I believe he went on the spiritual journey as well to reach God. He writes his parents did lots of different meditation and he did as well before becoming one with the Truth. Bachittar Natak gives some really good insight. I think you'll take it the wrong way
  3. Well It's pushing me towards realizing the truth for myself. Part of that to me is giving up any pre-conceived ideas. I don't believe in some random God or Karma. No need to be so negative towards my opinion. You can keep believing in some God that listens to every ardas I'm not attacking you for it. I know ardas to God is in guru granth sahib but I don't know the purpose. The gurus could be using it for prem-bhakti. I choose a more scientific path instead of blind faith. I refuse to believe anything I don't know. Only through going within will I find the answers I'm seeking. Not listening to
  4. This has to be some kind of joke. I was drinking water while listening to it and I just started laughing and crying so hard I couldn't hold the water in my mouth. I felt like dancing when I listened to it. I don't think you can do simran and sing gurbani to that kind of music LOL! Haha, you should use music that is meditative by its nature man.
  5. I agree with what CuriousSeeker said. In the beginning there are lots of ups and downs but they gradually settle. Imagine a meter with a needle. It goes really high then really low. As you stay steady with more experience and giaan the needle does not move far off from the center. Your mind stays steady and there are no more highs and lows. Listening to and understanding Asa Di Vaar played the biggest role for me in steadying my mind. You should enjoy spirituality and not see it as a job of some sort. If a person does not enjoy it they'll always fall off. Find sangat to do naam japna with that
  6. Bhul Chuk Maaf bro. I agree that statement by me is wrong. I don't know if the Gurus ever had to suffer in past lifetimes from panj doot. I don't know if they even had past lifetimes. I don't know.
  7. No idea I know some saints don't believe in raagmala. Bhai Randhir Singh and AKJ do not believe in it. I don't think it matters either way. It's not going to make a huge difference if you accept it or reject it. The more important thing is making steady gains spiritually and not worrying about small things like this in my opinion. Below is some good knowledge from Kabir Sahib in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj Ji. Guru Granth Sahib gives us all the answers to our questions if we search it. (340-2) raag ga-orhee poorbee baavan akhree kabeer jee-o kee Raag Gauree Poorbee, Baawan Akhree Of Ka
  8. I'm going to India in 3 months to meditate I'll make sure to bring this across and let you know what he says.
  9. I respect your view, everyone has their own view according to there thinking and understanding. My view is more realist. I don't go by blind faith that much. I only go by what I know. I do ardas just for positive energy. I don't believe there is something listening to my ardas though. I think similar to Osho that there is no God in the concept of something overlooking the creation and taking care of everyone. I see so many people stuck in pain in this world with no way out. So it's hard for me to believe there is some force that is guiding and taking care of everyone. The karma theory to me is
  10. Ay Lucky, doesn't that sound foolish to you he is calling out Narayan but his chit is on his son not god. So it's just a word that he does not associate with god. He is not thinking of god, he is thinking of his son. Yet he gets saved while yelling out to his son. Some things just don't add up lol. I think we take things too literally sometimes and don't get the message behind it. Like in the Quran it says if a person does not believe in Allah they should have their head removed. Some muslims then go killing people who don't believe in Allah. I'm pretty sure that's not what Mohammed intended.
  11. All this talk about Guru Avtar and when they come into the body is so pointless. It's a useless discussion and gives us no benefit, it just looks foolish. So Avtar gets to come in the body later? Okay cool story, who cares, lets move on to more important things now. Bhagat Singh has already spoken to Baba Nand Singh Ji on the matter. Just let it go Raagmala. "Baba Nand Singh ji is sitting up there laughing at me for even attempting to rectify this. Whoever that is, he says that I am too attached to making things right and I should just l
  12. No she does not follow one religion kind of dabs with them all. She talks about Guru Granth Sahib and gurbani. She also talks about the vedas and the Bible etc. She is good at talking.
  13. Preach my brother preach, that was desperately needed. Lol.
  14. Like BhagatSingh just showed your thinking regarding that one line quote is flawed. I'm entitled to have my own opinion I never said it is a fact. I'm a person with a open mind. If you want to lock yourself into a certain thinking then you're free to. I'm not going to go hide my opinion just because it's not popular. The soul which is God never changes. We have to realize that we're the Truth. That is the journey I believe we are going on which is known as self-realization. We are here to realize we ourselves and everything else is God. There is nothing but God. The 5 elements are always chang
  15. Guru Nanak's father and mother seemed to be normal average people. They didn't seem to be very spiritual in the stories I heard. They delivered Guru Nanak to the world though. Wouldn't that contradict the article? What is your take on this Lucky? Regarding intercourse, I do agree with BhagatSingh. Personally I believe the Guru's did have a physical union with there spouse just like everyone else does to bring a soul into the world. It was done with a pure mind though. Physical union between two high avastha partners is a spiritual meeting as well and pushes both higher and closer to the Truth.
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