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  1. u should look for prasanta or tadna in first two lines of the shabad . for eg the sahabad " todi mahalla panjava , har bisrat sada khuari , ta ko dhokha kahan beape ja ko aut tuhari ..." translation : 1st line : By forgetting God one gets " khuaar " . dunno wt khuaar means in english . but it means something like that that person is not respected in sachkhand or anywhere . 2nd line : those who have your support will not be fooled by others . in the first line there is tadna , in 2nd line there is prasanta . But still its a tadna wala hukam . so u should usually look in first two lines . if in first two lines there is prasanta , the whole shabad is prasanta even though there might be tadna later on in the shabad . but still its prsanta . so always look in first two lines . i can't explain any better . sometimes there s a inside feeling which tells u abt it . if u know that u made a mistake and u know guru ji might be angry with u , do nimrata sahit ardas to guru ji . sometimes guru ji can forgive us and give us prasanta . and we should be thankful to guru ji for tht , and stop doing such mistakes in future . i do mistakes all the time . and then i feel shameful even standing before Him . I sometimes think that i make so many mistakes and guru ji still gives me more chances to improve . but i keep on making them . when am i going to stop . ( dhil in rehat , not waking up , not doing nitnem in time , kaami thoughts , krodh , attachment . etc etc etc list is endless , keeps on going ...... ) oh i m going off the track hope i made some sense wjkk wjkf
  2. The author of the anand chamatkar ( hajoori raagi of baba nand singhji ) mentions that he himself is not sure about the maryada of saying these numbers . But the author thinks that it might have been that when baba ji wanted to stop listening the path , he would know where he stopped and next time start listening from that astpadi . This is authors opinion . There could be some other reasons as well but who knows . A sampat sukhmani path = 2 sukhmani paths without sampat wjkk wjkf
  3. if you get a tadna , do ardas again and again , ask for maafi , again take a hukam . if u again get tadna , do nimrata sahit ardas again . u can take hukamnama a max. of 3 times . if u still get tadna after 3 times , don't do the task . ths wt baba ishar singh ji used to say . there was once this guy . he had to go get his eyecheckup from a doctor . he did ardas to get agya and took hukam nama , the hukam was tadna . but this guy didn't care . he went on . he was going on a horse carriage . on his way the wheel of the carriage broke down , he fell down and had a couple of bones broken . beacuse this guy didn't ask for maafi . the best way to get out of this confusing situation is not to use the parchees . just do the ardaas and ask for permission . try taking hukam 3 times before u get prasanta . if even after 3 tries u don't get prasanta hukam then don't even think of doing the task ; there is bound to be an obstacle in tht path .
  4. veer ji , I am myself not sure about what is the right way of doing it . But here is a saakhi I read in Anand Chamatkar . When Baba Nand Singh ji left this panj bhootak chola , Baba Ishar Singh ji and other gurmukhs were confused about whether Baba ji has really left this chola or they have just gone somewhere to do udhaar of a sikh . Because at that time they couldn't hear any heartbeat or breathing but they were able to hear waheguru simran from his body . So they wrote down two parchees . They wrote ikoankar satgur prasad on top of the parchee . And mentioned their question . On one parchee they wrote the answer that we haven't gone anywhere and on the other one they wrote that we have left this chola . So they did humble ardaas , rolled down the parchees , i duno how they threw them but the one that came out in front was the answer that baba ji had left his chola . I don't think it matters how u throw the parchis what matters is how much faith and devotion you put in your question . This is what i do . I make the parchees and one of them is usually blank which means i should still wait and not do anything yet . I do ardas , sit in front of guru ji not on tabya but where we do matha tek . then i would take the parchees and shake them in my open fist so that they mix properly . i make sure that i do not jnow wt is written on each parchi to prevent any bias . Then i would just throw them forward and pick the one that is in front . then i would take hukamnama . if its prasanta i would do the work that i intended to ask whther i should do it or not and if the hukamnama is of tadna i wouldn't do the that task . then open the parchi to c wt ws in there . thts all i could think with my tush budhi . usually gursikhs know better abt wt to do ,not manmuks like me . i hope i made some sense . wjkk wjkf
  5. go to this link it might help . its about he mechanism of mind and how to control it .u r not alone , everyone has problem s like these . we all r in this battlefield " soora so pehchaniye jo lade deen ke het purja purja kat mare kabhoon na shaade khet " don't think of cutting ur kesh . it will only make u more weak and more vulnerable http://www.dlshq.org/download/mind.htm
  6. people usually go to that dera for maya , sons , wealth or especially when they are tormented by evil spirits . If a Sikh follow his guru jis hukam no such thing will evr happen to him . even if a sikh needs something he will do ardaas to guru ji rather than going to the dera and bowing down to Baba Vadhbhag Singh for his needs . SIKHS can die but they never leave their own Guru . THey only ask for something from their own Guru . And our Guru is Guru Nanak and we only go to his dera . Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da . and moreover in the video , i saw tht Baba Vadhbhag singh's foto was made like Guru Arjan DEv jis foto . And they were quoting shabds from gurbani saying about the importance of a guru and referring them to Baba Vadhbhag Singh . meaning they wr using gurbani to do ustat of Baba vadhag singh not our real Guru ji .
  7. I have no enmity whatsoever with Baba Vadhbhag Singh . He might have done a lot of kamai . If you want to follow him , i have no problem with that becus everyone has his own freeedom to choose his religion . But the one thing i want to make clear is that SIKHS are forbidden to go to such deras ( Vadbhag singh , nirankari , radhasoami , sarsa ) its against gurmat . period
  8. veer ji its about manmat , ths wt its abt follow the link http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1...502&t=70502
  9. http://www.dlshq.org/download/kundalini.htm#_VPID_112 great site about yoga and stuff :http://www.dlshq.org/download/kundalini.htm#_VPID_112 although this marg is not recommended by Guru Naanak ji , its good to have some information
  10. thnak u veer ji for doing this seva , this will help a lot of us . A job well done .. waheguru ..........
  11. ya once i was in malton gurudwara , and this guy who was doing kirtan and katha waas talking abt a kind of bhoot which could take up any form , even the form of bibian's husbands and screw them over
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