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  1. Whenever there is high energy in the lower chakra I feel irritation/sore throat . Has anyone experienced it or my mind is imagining things ?
  2. He is also saying that Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not our Guru. He is implying that Guru is not Parmeshwar, but instead das of Parmeshwar. This is against the core of our principles.
  3. Guru ji have used the color red in two different scenarios 1) To signify the color of lover, feelings of a Bhagat when he is coming close to Union with His Husband Lord. There are countless shabad regarding this. Man tham Rathaa Laal hoaa rasanaa rathhe gunn saar ang 787 2) , and also to describe the Maya. Sooha Rang Vikar Hai Kanth N Paaeiaa Jaae || Page 786 So really the interpretation of color red depends on avastha of jeev, so either passion for Maya or passion for Lord. All important things in life are red, like our blood.
  4. Would you kindly share your experience with red ? In the following video, sadhguru speaks about red color in spiritual context https://youtu.be/V23T-YBTARY?t=633
  5. There are instances from lives of Gautama Buddha, Baba Nand Singh ji, Sant Attar Singh ji, Sant Harnam Singh ji Rampur khede and probably many others. where Maya took form to test them. When Maya takes a female form, it is called Chetan Maya, and is considered to be the most dangerous of all, and only the greatest of great Saints can pass this test. Even the great tapasvis like Shiva lost his veerya when he saw the mohini avtar of Vishnu. That veerya fell into ocean , and according to mythology led to birth of Hanuman.
  6. Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) recommends supplementation of Vitamin D 1000 I.U. ( international units) during fall & winter season. Breast fed babies should get 400 I.U/ day. People at higher risk of having low Vitamin D levels include those who are older, have dark skin, do not go outside often & wear clothing that cover most of their skin. They should take supplement all year round.
  7. http://www.dlshq.org/download/brahmacharya.pdf Here is another great website for those who are looking to practice Brahmacharya & conserve ojas.
  8. Because he was a great Naam Abhyasi Singh, also from UK, then he disappeared , and I could never get in touch with him again.
  9. I have not listened to him lot but I dont get good vibes from him. His tone is very condescending.
  10. Be like a bee, collect nectar from every flower , and make honey out of it. Progress on your own journey inside. Disregard what does not help you . You only waste energy by slandering.
  11. I respect all Gursikhs including Bhai Randhir Singh ji. Why did he not ask Guru ji directly about Ragmala ? I always have had this question.
  12. @DeNiro Were you ever on this forum as a DHANBABANAK or wahegurubol, few years back ?
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