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  1. 1 min 04 secs Singh, albeit looks like a false beard, holding a bottle in a major tv ad. is this how we are perceived now. Go to a wedding these days and I'm afraid the answer is yes. how do we stop damning ourselves.
  2. at park ave southall 6.30-7.30, last one, then they leave. just sight of them will stir your soul.
  3. Mrs Cheema( thats how i know her) has most of of Sant Waryam Singh Ji' books for sale, i have bought many from her . pm me i'll give you her phone no Avtar Singh
  4. please stop pandering to this guy hes making you look like gullible kids.
  5. http://akalpurakhkifauj.googlepages.com/ey...-derasachasuada if its not an old please spread it
  6. 12 march channel 4@ 9pm 'last days of the raj' see for yourself how 70% of the sikh homeland was given to pakistan and in return 600,000 sikhs are killed. please fwd
  7. theres kaam and theres committing a crime, huuuuuuuge difference. Sorry singh Ji wasnt trying to make light of your post.
  8. it doesnt matter what their religion is or what their position of authority is, if the charges are true, then they will be tried by the law of the land hopefully punished severely, and then they look forward to the real beating in Gods court. I doubt very much if any priest in any religion is representing the community or on the path to God if they are that paapi, He sees all, their is no corner in the universe a sin will go unnoticed, unwritten. Sikh Youth, temper your emotions, wait for the trial, and evidence in any situation, then you will find support. Sat Sri Akal
  9. Sat Sri Akal Sangat Ji, can any one help, there used to be a link on the web to download the hukamnama i think it was in excel format it was a collection of hukamnama going back at least a year, any ideas? or even a link to download as many as possible on one folder. Thank You.
  10. Dear Sangat, Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. My friend asked an interesting question, which i would be very grateful of your views. Are we human beings having spiritual experiences OR are we actually spiritual beings having human experiences? I said we were all spiritual beings in the beginning until maya and the panj chor take over, then losing sight of God within us, humanises us, Physical transformation to a human is probably incorrect (as my friend rightly pointed out) that would imply dual existence. I am not a scholar as some on this site but the question intrigues me. asb
  11. nothing wrong with using a pillow at home, sometimes i roll my jacket up and sit on it in a way that makes you tilt your pelvis forward and down it helps in aligning your spine. "somebodys gonna get hurt real bad"
  12. Sik2islam i visited your website, its a blatant attack on sikhism. picking holes, misinterpreting facts, hoping to find confused, weak individuals, its a very sneaky attempt to discredit a faith to convert. Unfortunately you have a dialogue with some members, i personally feel you are a disgrace to good muslims as well. Live your religion, improve your self why are you spending your swaas this way. I wouldnt mind if you were sincere and wanted to learn about sikhism, but your website says otherwise. its offensive.... but a sign of the times.... freedom of the internet. N30...I am new to this forum i read it a lot but havent replied, am i missing something here ,it is healthy to debate, but sometimes i think the scholars amongst us like to talk so much intellectual crap they miss the point and cant see the hole they are being sucked into. I gave s2i the benefit of the doubt until i saw his website, we should be careful of people like him they destroy all faiths from the inside. Wake Up People. Sorry for the long post.
  13. asb


    Sar Sri Akal , Any idea when the gursewa hub is back on line. is it worth trying diff address?
  14. Ok just found the hub! now to think of another name :roll:
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