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  1. Oh GOD... how many times... we will discuss the same topic and for how long?? Sikhs should be known for better reasons than khalistan. I invite everybody Chalo, Lets live in today! Lets be happy.
  2. In addition to both of the above ^ posts.. i think ur 512 slots should work in slot 3 and 4.
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    Thanks to sikhphilosophy.. i have some invites. pm ur email id if ..
  4. yoooo yooo.. wooooo Happy B'day Happy B'day.. Cake?
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    naaaah.. Tikki!!
  6. i thought that it may be otherway round i.e. you may be feeling that i m uneccessary arguing..so i thought lets wrap it up. As such, there is no need to agree to disagree , atleast as far as you are comfertable to discuss. back to the main issue, Love @ first sight is very much possible. it happenes!
  7. Sardu


    :shock: :shock: Friend, I think you have taken my comment too seriously. anyway, what i meant with taste was. that to appriciate bollywood movies you have to expect less technical and logical approach, you should be ready to accept some unrealistic, imaginary situations. songs are inevitable part.. no matter if it is required or not. I mean, when you see a bollywood movie don't expect that the producer/director might have done some extensive research as you may find in hollywood. They are different in approach... in many sense. Say for instance, there is a situation where the hero express his love to the actress. in hollywood movie the next scene will be of bedroom or similer one.. while in bollywood both will go to some garden and sing a song with 10-20 unknown ppls.. its unrealistic,illogical but it is like that only... in almost every film. if one wants to enjoy the movie.. don't apply logic here.. just enjoy... Right? So likwise.. there are many aspects which make it unfair to compare hollywood and bollywood movies. Moreover, I agree with your views on those two movies.. i felt the same. also, it wasn't comment on your comments.. i read all the views one by one.. and wrote what i had in mind. It was a casual comment, please don't take it your heart. forgive me! :bow:
  8. Yeah. so Without seed, there is no tree.. so, i think you mean here that witout attraction there is no love ( though i didn't completely convience but i can agree ). Anyway, this is turining to be an argument ... so lets wrap it up with the conclusion that though its rare, but love at first sight is a possiblity.... :D On a sidenote... its all cool, in my views/experience its possible and others may not convience with this idea... both are right accoding to their prespective,approach and experience. if, tommorow, somebody post a question asking do love exist?, i am sure we will have all sort of views with solid arguments. Human Nature.
  9. yeah it is. if you agree that there exist the possibility of growing the first sight attraction into love it, which in turn means that it wasn't just attraction only..it was actually (begining of )love... So, you may choose to agree that love at first sight should be a possibility... Afterall its about love.. kuch bhee ho sekta hai.. kaise bhee ho sekta hai!! kisi ko bhee ho sekta hai.. . Hope it will help u
  10. Sardu


    ohh yes... that was sad... but its okay .. don't cry so much. hmmm... its long since i saw that movie.. sooo Most of my friends didn't like much because storyline was well known and it was the 3rd movie on the same novel/story. in prior to this one the role of devdas was played by great tregedy king -Dilip kumar.. and i am sure that movie will impress you more( its not that much techy.. very old). I liked the decorations and dresses and dance sequences.. the sets are so gorgeous.. classic work. To appriciate hindi movies, you have to have taste for it. its unfair to compare it with hollywood movies... there are huge differences..
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    ahh.. i can't agree to this.. probably its just ur bad luck ..otherwise in india u will find more than 2-3 browsers on every terminal with latest versions.. because nobody need to purchase it.. all is free here... seriously, u must be in very small village where this things would be a new..
  12. reading too much between lines.. but not in the right/intended direction. i didn't mean infatuation should be classified as love. i didn't mean anything too phillosphical as well. infatuation or attraction may be a subset or first step towards love.. Love is bigger/greater phenomenon. infatuation /attraction (or this first step) can later grow to mature as love or it can be turned out to be lust.. or it may decay/die shortly. So, all i meant was, infatuation/attraction to somebody can be mere attraction ( and no more.. like many girls in my school/college time).. or it can grow to the extent of becoming lust ( like villan characters in hindi films) or it can really mature into love. Hence, Love at first sight can't be neglected.. it may happen...
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