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  1. well everyone has a different way of thinking , but i still respect you, had met yoy in 2009 when i had visited CA...respect you like an elder sis
  2. I am talking Nanak Gobind ..Not Ram Syam here...you are in a different world ..
  3. tenu koi nai rokda veer ...tu kar la...Ram Syam stories tu Dasam Bani baare dass rehya..
  4. veera mainu musalmana naal vi koi problem nai haiga...ISI da agent inna vehla nai haiga... sach de dushman kitho aa gaye yaar..chal chhad... Main vi Aad Guru Granth Sahib ji , Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji , Sri Sarabloh Guru Granth Sahib ji nu mannhda hai te tu vi mannhda hai...siyasat chhad ke roohaani galla te ta sadda koi birodh nahi veer...Ram Syam jehre vi Avtaar ne oh Parmesar de eh ta Guru Granth Sahib ji ch vi likhya eh ta ta tehnu vi pataa...Akaal Purakh shaad ke assi kisse di pooja nahi karde eh ta tu mannhda na...fer kaahda siyaapa veer.
  5. Chal tu mann le main haiga saffron brigade da ...khush ! mere kol saariya agencies vi haigi...tere agency di franchise vi le lehna main...Sri Ram di Jai Jai kaar vi hai te iss Jagat de Maalak PaarBrahm Parmesar Waheguru di Jinhade Hukam Anusaar Raaja Ramchandar ji te baaki saaare Avtar Pargat hoye Unhaadi vi Jai Jai kaar hai...tenu jinna krodh karna tu kar la veer.. Mainu vi krodh aa rehya si tere galla sunn ke ..par sochda chhado ...hai ta tu vi Guru Nanak de hukam nu mannan aala ...tere naal lujhke main karna ki... Khwar hue sab milenge ..bache Saran jo Hove Akaal hi Akaal !
  6. I haven't claimed anything.. hallucination is what you are suffering with... only a newsline made you ignite so much.. Peace be upon you !
  7. Sister, i understand your situation. i feel you should give yourself time to analyse your decision. You and your husband entered the relationship based on the thought process of being devoted to Waheguru. You were happy that you found someone who doesnt drink and go partying around. He is committed to Waheguru inward and outward too. At your age i understand that you feel the need to dress up and give yourself the look of what is 'in' according to time. However, you should also be giving it a thought that you have a nice husband who is ready to make small adjustments. If he can adjust a bit to make you happy it means he wants you to be in his life. In these times relationships are fragile, divorces on the rise, i personally feel when he is ready to make space for you and bend the rules a bit, then you may want to think about balancing. In the later years you might just laugh at this situation thinking how rigid you were about dressing up and looking at par with modern times. It would be good if you would do Ardas seeking the Hukum of Waheguru. Sri Akaal Sahaai
  8. you seem to have overeaten biryani at Kareem's ! lolz Dunno what you talking about. Our faith ..your Hindutva...what are you talking man ? You own the faith ? and do i own Hindutva? You need rest bruv... Btw one post sharing the news that this guy is not a bjp man made your stomach constipated...that happens when you have a biased mindset...nothing new...a bunch of your mentality cult exist...and go sell it somewhere else ...aint gonna buy sickness.
  9. Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar admitted to the Delhi Police that he joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in early 2019. The Delhi Police also recovered photos of Kapil Gujjar with several senior leaders of the AAP from his mobile phone. The revelation has been made by the Crime Branch of Delhi which is interrogating Kapil Gujjar who fired shots at Shaheen Bagh earlier this week. However, the AAP has denied any link with shooter Kapil Gujjar. Kapil Gujjar also revealed that his father Gaje Singh was also an AAP member and that both he and his father joined the party in 2019. Kapil Gujjar's father had earlier contested the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) election in 2012 on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket. In the photos, accessed from the phone, Kapil Gujjar can be seen with senior leaders of the AAP like Sanjay Singh and Aatishi along with his supporters. Crime Branch of Delhi has reportedly also told the court about this connection between Kapil Gujjar, his father, and the Aam Aadmi Party. One of the photos recovered from Kapil Gujjar's mobile phone Kapil Gujjar had come to Shaheen Bagh area, where thousands are sitting on a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), on February 1 and fired two rounds in the air. Kapil Gujjar was arrested and taken into custody right after that. Meanwhile, Sanjay Singh of the AAP has denied any connection with Kapil Gujjar and said, "There is no point in releasing such photographs. This is part of BJP's [Bharatiya Janata Party] dirty politics. Crime should be investigated and stern action should be taken against the culprit." ADVERTISEMENT Rajesh Deo, DCP Crime Branch told ANI, "We recovered the pictures from his phone during the course of the investigation. Kapil has confessed that he and his father joined the AAP somewhere between January-February, 2019." "Investigation has not been completed, photos have not been investigated and a police officer is taking a party's name at a time when the Model Code of Conduct [MCC] is in place. Tomorrow, we will complain to Election Commission the [EC] against Rajesh Deo," AAP leader Sanjay Singh said. "Tomorrow, a legal notice will be sent to this officer [Rajesh Deo, DCP Crime Branch] and also we will complaint to the Election Commission of India about with whose permission did he take the party's name and on what basis did he do it," AAP MP Sanjay Singh said while addressing a press conference. "BJP spokesperson Rajesh Deo, who is by mistake the DCP of Crime Branch is giving statements," Sanjay Singh added. "Let us first enquire whether they [accused shooter and his father] are part of the party or whether they were part of the party and then joined any other party after it. I do not now their status, let us check it first," Sanjay Singh said. KAPIL GUJJAR'S FAMILY REFUTES CLAIM Kapil Gujjar's father and brother said that he did not join the AAP party. They said that the news that is being quoted by the police in the media is wrong. Kapil Gujjar's uncle Fatesh Singh told PTI, "I have no idea where these photographs are circulating from. My nephew Kapil had no association with any political party nor does any other member from the family. My brother, Gaje Singh, fought Assembly elections in 2008 on a Bahujan Samaj Party ticket and lost. After that no one from our family had any links with any political party." Kapil Gujjar's uncle added that Kapil also doesn't have friends associated with the AAP or any other political party.
  10. https://www.indiatoday.in/elections/delhi-assembly-polls-2020/story/kapilgurjar-aap-connection-shaheen-bagh-1643252-2020-02-04
  11. Akaal ! Why do you want to be judged by someone ? Jin Prem Kiyo tin hi Prabh paayo. You have love for Gurbani, you feel anand listening to Gurbaani rather than learning the meanings. Do what your soul tells you. He must have said that sentence to let the sangat feel that let Simran and doing paath be not just an exercise. He is not wrong bhha ji . He must have said a 100 other things to help you progress however you took him negatively because what he said hurt you. Maybe, what perhaps you would want to try is get a translated sateek of Sukhmani Sahib. Remember we are Sikhs of the Guru, a Sikh is always a student, see the brighter side that what he said has hurt you because you have Prem for Gurbani. Let this Prem progress into Bhagti of a higher level. Thank him for giving you this jolt to wake up and do things which will help you progress and maybe a year or so down the line you will want to thank him for saying what he said. My apologies if i said anything that may have hurt you. The Guru knows the Best ! Akaal hi Akaal !
  12. absolutely ! do namaz and get khatna done too...follow what the Messenger of Allah said ...and that start believing that the last messenger is (SAW) ..end of the story !
  13. Thats called 600 pack ! you need to be patient to find the pack
  14. its terrible ! getting killed over a trifle matter...i wish someone had smashed that norwegian bully's skull
  15. Babbeyo , Gutka Sahib kitho manga sakde ? Main Hindustan ch rehinda haan ji
  16. Dhanvaad maalko ...how is the Paath supposed to be done ? there are like 3 days important of Diwali ..should we do the whole paath every day ?
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