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Charitropakhyan etc written by Court Poets (historical)

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Chatanga I refuse to argue with you anymore.

You know people CAN disagree about things which have no definitive proof, without you needing to denegrate them and be rude because you feel your position is the correct one (and somehow think that's not Ego)

That's all I am going to say.  You can rant all you want. I'm done.


Stop banging on about the same arguments when you have had your answers then. This is more or less all you have been doing for the last year here.

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Before anyone starts reading too much into it just want to point out, we have nothing to offer the Guru other than our 'head'.

Yes I know that thank you please, and it went through my head as I wrote it. I was thinking more from the approving aspect. Satkiran feels  Guru Sahibs' words need her approval, or thinks she can give Guru Sahib credit for something.

That is not acceptable for a Sikh to do or say. That is like saying that everything they did wasn't correct. Guru Sahib upheld Dharma, there was nothing they did wrong or useless.

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