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  1. VJKKVJKF Das is letting go of a few pieces.. beautifully crafted massive antique kukri for sale. Horn craved handle with silver pins. These aren't metal as they aren't magnetic. Huge size heavy blade at 950grams but with very good balance. Last two images show a regular sized kukri for reference. note this listing is only for the large kukri not the pair. total length just under 20 inches £245 plus postage beautifully crafted 19th c wootz pesh kabz kard for sale. Natural cream handle material comes with leather scabbard. The blade has a wootz pattern showing. Could do with a polish to bring it out more. total length just under 15 inches in scabbard. £275 plus postage beautifully crafted 19th c antique tabar for sale. Has the original wooden shaft with beautiful brass flower rossets. The spike at the top can be unscrewed. The head some decoration and copper human figures inlayed. total length just under 28 inches £350 plus postage Email me on singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk to purchase or enquire. vjkkvjkf
  2. If anybody is interested in Puratan artwork to put up in their homes, check this out of Shaheed Singh puratan frescos and harminder sahib photos for sale as canvases, phone cases etc on this link: https://pixels.com/profiles/2-amarjit-singh?tab=artworkgalleries
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh I wanted to know if anybody from the forum had information regarding the 52 kavis and the works maharaj got translated and created through the kavis such as granths and epics. One example is a work of one of the Kavis is a take on the Kama Sutra maharaj commissioned. This was mentioned within Sant Maskeen Jis Katha. If anybody has more information on these works and kavis that'll be much appreciated! As a side note I think it's interesting how Guru Gobind Singh Ji has translated sanatan works within Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji and not islamic works/translation from the Quran. gurbar akaal
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