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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh As per my understanding , when you feel sleepy you must sleep but do it by listening to the shabad and then waheguru ji will wake you in sunn.You cannot force it by trying to resist sleep.You will go into semi sleep through sehaj dhun.What we call sleep is actually sehaj. Like Guru Granth Sahib Ji is saying that everyone wants sehaj but we can get sehaj only through shabad as per the last line.
  2. @Sat1176 @Sukh_preet maybe i am not able to convey myself properly. what you are saying is correct but the way it was said made me feel bad. the way it was written- how it must have been wriiten- according to me sharing experience is very important as it helps others move on this path. i hope these people will agree with me on this.(all u have mentioned) waheguruji will be happy if others are motivated on this path and will not lessen our bhakti r soulfinder ji dont u agree with me since you must have heard Baba Nandsingh Ji's bachan- Joran tu Vadda
  3. although your opinion is appreciated , your way of putting it hurt me a little! also plz @Sat1176 dont like comments which have ninda for others! this is my humble opinion as i look upto you guys!
  4. yeah, thats what i have observed.i cant seem to have that experience again.my father told me these things are not be shared and if u experience that again u tell me! i got really scared as i might have made a grave mistake. thank you very much for saving me from this mistake!
  5. waheguru ji da khalsa waheguru ji di fateh i experineced something,pls tell me if it was true.(pls note that i am very new in simran as i started 1 week before only and try to keep rehat and wake up for amritvela for 5 banis and simran as i am practicing for amrit).but i try to do simran at every second,if i cant say it loud while travelling to college, i try not to speak aloud and do it in my mind.i went to gurudwara today in afternoon as there was a break in college for 2 hours and i after sometime of doing simran i saw that the black thing we see when we close eye, there was a shape of
  6. SAT SRI AKAL ALL, this is my 1st post.i found this site recently and i think of it as a very big blessing.never did i think the people i am trying to find are all here.i wish to attain god. but i dont know any jugti nor am i a amritdhari .please guide me.Also after going through posts on this thread , i found about s. hardial singh ji and at his site of sarab rog ka aukhad nao i found this pdf about naam simran.can anyone also tell me if i should follow this!! Gurmat-meditation-revised.pdf
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