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  1. Gurfateh Miri Piri is concpet of sprtualism guiding the poltics,which owns matterirals and not the materalism.But nothing to do with communalism. Indian so called secualrism is based upon equal respect to all faiths unlike in france where term secular was coined as anti God or Anti Church thing..
  2. Gurfateh Bhai Guriqbal Singh is from Nanaksar but why ojn earth do they act like some of our own Brahmanical Jathas?
  3. Gurfateh It is step Ahead of Hindu Brthren,they do not do such ritualism.
  4. Gurfateh It is optional to undergo baptism and have 5Ks.More importance is geivne to Nam Abhyas and understadng Bani.more info from Bhai T Singh Ji and Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji,who is an Amrit Dhari Nirmala. Initial 5 Nirmalas did undergo baptism.
  5. Gurfateh tommow Das will be meetng with Mr Sarna on some other reason. But in past after this incident das did had a long chat with one gut who holds a high post in mr Sarnas Akalis dal. The bride was a cusion of one frined of Das.That friend of das is normal Sikh(non akj).These guys got who arranged marrige got permission from dsgpc under the ledership of Veer Bhupndrer Singh Ji of USA that marrige will be performed as per Gurmat. Perhaps in this way aborad veer Ji could be carriyng out marriges. So back to normal thing,that in marrige card,it was asked that no one will bring g
  6. Gurfateh As per one plotician of Delhi,tilak nagar case may also be false case and boy who claimes to be victam can be false.
  7. Gurfateh Brother TSingh Ji, Das bows to your feeling and does endroses that.das is ory for absensce as here in Delhi there was some other case of Anand Karaj and das will write more on it on other thread.
  8. Gurfateh Das genraly not always support panthic.org due to sometimes they tend to go against Sanatan Singhs of UK or sometime go hysterically Anti India without indepth knowledge but for this weeks three post. Das can say that Sanatan Singhs of UK along with all Sikhs should support them. http://www.panthic.org/news/125/ARTICLE/2726/2006-09-06.html http://www.panthic.org/news/125/ARTICLE/2726/2006-09-06.html http://www.panthic.org/news/125/ARTICLE/2736/2006-09-06.htmlhttp://www.panthic.org/news/125/ARTICLE/2736/2006-09-06.html http://www.panthic.org/news/130/ARTICLE/2727/2
  9. Gurfateh This time nidle of suspison is on Hindu guuys.As Indiaawereness told that Hindus in nanded wanted to attacked Sikhs and blame Muslims. Das finds it too wrong.anyway it would have better that Hindus should have sent Hindu Fidydeen to mureedke In Pak then to kill own Indian bros. If Hindu did not do it then ISI could have done to blame Hindus or shia milatants Dindar E Anjuman had Past to attack Temples,Churches and Sunni mosques in souuthern part of India.
  10. GURFATEH In Paths also when Path says Gurbani,they are not as per Ragas.And Kathkars also may not use Ragas to explain.Actaul Rag is love to Akal.
  11. Gurfateh Yesterday we had so called Hunderd years of National Song of India Vande Matram ben celebrated. It is part of Anand Math Novel and that is by Bankin Chandra Chaterjee(Chatopdhyaya to be more clear Bangle Brahmin gotra). As per it and this true also Sanyasis(hermits) did carried out revolt to overhtrow Muslim Nawab who was apuppit of Britishers. Das just want to add that during that time ,with little bit gap there was similar revolt by Sufis also in Bengal,which novle does not mention. Coming to the song.Hindutva guys say that in democratic set up of india as mark of pa
  12. Gurfateh Old book by Mr Oak namely who says Akbar was great(in Hindi) and great mistakes of Indian History again in hindi are great novels and more to do with fiction. Shiv Sena is not name after Lord shiva but Shivaji Raje,the Great Maratha king. One in punjab is not the same as in Mahrastra.In Mahrastra they did very bad to Hindus from Bihar,UP or Tamil nadu also,inspite of taliking of pan hindu they are more Martha upper caste bullies.manyway Nephew of Bala sahib may be making a good new party. in Punajb SK Billa was bit anti Sikh but more due to reaction.Recent hair hair cutti
  13. Gurfateh both teh Great Jathedars ie Baba Ram Singh Ji and Baba Dhuma Ji also are doing a great job by stoping Baba Asutos Ji's work in punajb and that also idelogicaly. And das recently visited Damdam Sahib on 300 years of its birth cnetinary.Das was ahppy to hear the Three names with great respect. Gyani Mohan Singh ji as great Tapi. Baba Harnam Singh Ji(das saw him also on stage). Baba Ram Singh Ji. There were many good sweets itmes been served in langer but as das was suffering fro colitis(docter thoght das had it with eating meat but later it reapeared and root cause was swi
  14. Gurfateh Perhaps yuorself and das are both follower of true Islam,better then Bhai Laden.
  15. Gurfateh There is city near capital of Uttar Pradesh(lcknow) called Kanpur. In Kanpur we have Gurudwara Bhai Bannu Ji,where that oldest beerh is till kept.so we have second copy of of Darbar Sahib ie Beerh of Bhai Bannu still with us at Kanpur(First version is Kartarpur Beerh). some other version of same are kept at Patna sahib also but Prakash is done of Damdami Beerh only. As per Suraj Prakash,Fifth Master did not reject his copy totaly das feels but can be wrong.More can be understood from rarasahib.com.
  16. Gurfateh Many a guys say that Sampat and Chaliha is same as Hindu Havan.Das was wondering if they have visited the Chilla of sufi or read old Testment where Loban or insense in burnt in alter. Anyway regarding Sant Ji.Bhai Bahadur Singh ji can understand and das request Bhai Jhamka Ji to understand. With Brahm Vidiya it is possible to swap sprit from one body to another.If Adi Sanakara or Matesendra Nath can do it with yoga,Sant Ji had Brahm vidiya in hand. Das just want you to verify if Bhai RanJit Singh of Dhadriayan or what people say Sant Ranjit Singh of Dhadriyan,had spirit of S
  17. Gurfateh After Jaipur and Jamshedpur it was tern of Delhi. Harpreet Singh a native of Ludhiana had profession in Delhi.He ran consultancy work for yuong men to enable them to tie turban. He is professional,who helps to tie turban. On Friday night,three guys intruded into his house.Took his mony and forcable cut his hairs and beard. Police was called.Who have apprihanded one of the culprit but only registered the case of burgelray. and sent man back to Ludhiana.Once local Sikhs of Delhi,where it ahppened knew this,they surronded the local police station.Pelted stone on trafic,bl
  18. Gurfateh Das votes for Baba Dhuma but does oppose his stand on female not becoimgn 5 beloved or not doing service in mroning at Darbar Sahib. Soul in all of us is free from race reagion,language or colour,same implies for gender. Baba Ji said this in his magzine of Amrti Kanhdedhar that he is oppsed to female becmoing 5 beloved and other things.
  19. Gurfateh startstop Ji, yuor quey is valid but all people have not pain the spritual position as yuorself have got.As we are aware that all holy men are already in peace but many of thier followers may think our not using respectalbe addressing as an offence.So to let peace be in follwers mind yuo respect prophets are in the way to get state to mind as yuo have got at present.We can use respectable terms. But das has seen many great Muslims at higher state to use term just as name for prophets. like in songs also. After the name of Allah,I will say name of Muhamad. Let my life
  20. Gurfateh within Sau Sakhi das founds that Charan Pahul is not from human feet but from corner of claoth covering Darbar Sahib dipped in water and that water. Anway there are instance say in Bihar near Patna Sahib,where we find that Guru took offerng made to Rama by a Brahmin.both that Temple and Gurudwara in memeoray of that thing is there. As per Suaraj Prakash,Guru was offered water from single Brahmins and another family full of kids,Guru took water from later(It is not writtan that they were Sikhs).Lastly Gangu Brahmin was a cook and not the Sikh. Das does not find any probelm fr
  21. Gurfateh Bhai Bahadur Singh Ji, not RSS but Bhai Bala Janam Sakhi has similar things about a sort of Temple as Mecca.
  22. Gurfateh Lord Jesus had faith ihn God wile Budhuism say for a few Mahayanas is more a sort of Sharaman Dharma and does not has faith in God. Das anyway knows a place near Meerut,where Catholics beoved that lord visited,Duirng his life or after decedning to Hevan,das could not say.That place is called Sardhana.Church was bulit by Begum Samru. She had good ties with Sikh Misls of that time.She was catholic covert from Islam.
  23. Gurfateh Das just wondered. if Naksh could be takne as nose(gneraly it is meant by projection) and Bandi means clsoing or tying.Then it Naqshbandi may mean something with Prnayam sort.Just a question?
  24. Gurfateh Arjun Meena,the main accused has been arrested in Delhi and taken to Jaipur.Perhaps he avoided rural Rajesthan as Sikh presensce is there. Some Hindu inlcuding Mother of Das wanted say cut his nose or blackened the face or caster the accused.Das thinks that such things are savage. Anyway weather Court convicts him or not ploice undwer the reforming acts,will make him visit the court or polic station eachn weak and let him give account of whole weak conduct.It is better than Tarhrpar where person is sent out of towen. It all did not take communall colour as this boy was pun
  25. Gurfateh Wahabis founder Al Wahab was influenced by indian immgrant in Arabia,who was Naqshbandi.And they arew realy forefathers of Wahabis.
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