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Fed up with all the crap


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Hello Everyone,

I have been part of this forum since april 2003 and to be honest this is the worst state that I've seen it in. I came here because there was a perspective that was being shared. Now all I see is Iran stuff...which I really don't care about. Its great to see a shia link, but I have been reading the books that Javanmard has suggested for people to read and now drilling in those same points over and over again is useless. It is like listening to people at the gurdwara tell everyone to amrit shak over and over again....

To be honest, this stuff is getting old. I'm getting sick of it. I think this pro--anti islam bickering is as useless and fickle as those who argue about whose patron 'sant' is higher. Everyone is going to continue doing what they want to do, so to be honest...don't even bother replying...It's useless.

I wanted to get this off my chest, and say...I'll post when there is something worth discussing

btw, Freed keep your stuff coming! (you are the sole reason I haven't left the forum).

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

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I share your sentiments bro, lately there is been lot of iranian topics. Reason why we have other religion sub forums is because to promote diversity and also people can have discussion under it whenever its neccessary not like recent rampage of spamming the sikhawareness forum with iranian/shia discussions.

We cannot stop members creating topics regarding iran or shia but when it becomes an trend to have just iranian/shia discussions on Sikhawareness forum then we must remind the sangat this is Sikhawareness forum not iranianawareness forum or shiaawareness forum.

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i just visited this forum after a long long time, haven't posted for years and i feel what drawof is saying, a lot of BS. The forum has definately gone down hill, can't see much pyaar here.

however i do feel i have to make some posts to counteract some dangerous ideologies being propogated here.

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