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A question that needs a quick accurate answer.


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Thanks veer ji, Talking about hair, I am reminded of a incident which I saw in the Malton Gurudwara at Toronto. I am sure N3O S!ngh ji knows about this Gurudwara, since it is in Toronto and very close to the Paerson intl airport.

As I was sitting in the Gurudwara, I saw a lady coming in , she had a chin with thick beard and the hair must be 2 inches long. Seeing this I thought to myself how great and strong this lady must have been who followed the bhana of waheguru meetha kar ke. Its very difficult to be pure gursikhs like her.

As for asking the message question on Tapoban, .. Tapoban is AKJ, while I do respect AKJ a lot.. I feel that they are a little bit extreme-sided, so the response I may get will also be extreme sided. For example AKJ people dont drink tea, they think it is nasha. Dont get me wrong.. I have respect for AKJ.

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amritdharee can only marry amritdharee.

If this is the case then why at some place in the SGPC maryada it is said

"If you are amritdhari , it is your duty to get your spouse baptised as well" ?

This clearly shows that at thetime of marriage one of the person must be amritdhari and the other non-amritdhari.

secondly, I know a girl , she is brilliantly gursikh. and one of her parent is non-amritdhari.

Lastly, I will make sure I marry an amritdhari .. cos if she is non-amritdhari, i really cant cope with her if she waxes and does her eyebrows, thats the cheif concern i got when it comes to marrying non-amritdhari.

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sgpc maryada isn't true rahit. you're better off looking to the sampradas for the accurate answer. amritdharee can't eat a non-amritdharee's jooth, it's not a matter of superiority at all, just hukum from the guru. so why could they get married, kiss, procreate?

anyways, just a response, good luck in the seach.

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as far as i am aware sgpc looked at all the maryadas and came up with one marayada for the panth.

I just want to look at this from an another point of view.

Anyone can put on a gatra and claim to be amritdhari, how will you distinguish that.

"just hukam from guru ji"-- reference please..

Guru ji pulled us out of this mess--xylitol-- jus my opinion

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I understand the posts made by deepsingh and xyitol. Its really a hard question. But again I want to point out that it is NOT JUST ANYONE will put a gatra. Only a person who commits himself to Guru ji will put a gatra.

There is another story that if a person who has put gatra, then again removes it and starts doing all the things which are opposite to Gurmat. I know so many people in my life who are like this !

So the question of wether a person must marry amritdhari OR shouldnt distinguish, is very hard to answer.

After reading several posts made and surfing the net. I have come to the conclusion that there is no hard and fast rule wether the person to whom we marry should be amritdhari or non-amritdhari.

You can meet a girl who does good kirtan, who is very devout sikh .. and she has the potential of being amritdhari, then that person u can marry.


you can meet a girl who does vedbai of hair.. i dont think this person can qualify to be married with.

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Xylitol wrote:

"sgpc maryada isn't true rahit. you're better off looking to the sampradas for the accurate answer"

First of all, there is no such thing as "SGPC maryada" - there is the "Sikh Rehit Maryada" to which the SGPC and the Sikh Panth aligns itself, the notion that this is a SGPC maryada boils down to a reality which is frequently ignored. I shall elaborate below:

1. The Sampradhas have their own rehits, which if the Sampradhas are "true" as those of your convinction believe, why do they disagree in themselves and not have a unified code?

2. The underlying reality is that this talk of "SGPC maryada" is akin to similar references to say "Nihang Maryada", "DDT Maryada", "AKJ Maryada" etc, the latter are all Sampradhas and Jathas, the SGPC is neither and nor does it pretend to be, it is simply a Management committee.

3. The issue therefore, being that the Sampradhas like to make out that the SGPC is some form of bastardised Sampradha and then attack the Sikh Rehit Maryada in the process, why?

Because they are concerned about gursikhi - yeah, that's what all the 2nd generation Singhs in the west like to think, because that's what they are taught...but the reality is little more than a power struggle to wrestle control of the Akal Thakt and have access to funds.

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What I know of the differences between sampradhas such as the Giani Sampradha and Bhai Daya Singh Samprada, the differences for the most part seem to boil down to difference in approach, and difference in emphasis by mahapurkhs. They recognise each other, and don't point fingers saying that the other is wrong in their practice. For example, Baba Jagjit Singh ji Harkhowal has stated in katha that the true rahit of the khalsa panth is that of the Damdami Taksaal (from this summer when he came to BC).

Although some have the ulterior motive of gaining control of the Akaal Takht, I don't believe, nor have I seen even the slightest bit of evidence to show, that all of them have this ulterior motive.

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As you clearly concede, "some have the ulterior motive of gaining control of the Akaal Takht", the fact that you believe others don't is nice, however doesn't really change the premise of my statement.

Sampradhas may point out their supposed support for each other, however it is nothing but politics in the competition for obtaining control over the Akal Thakt and its funding.

Reality is quite clear, during the 1980s, tension between Nihangs, DDT and AKJ was ample and clear for all to see.

In the past before that, tension between Nihangs and Nirmalas was more than evident.

Likewise, today between Sant Samaj and the AKJ.

w-bol, divisions (I believe is the word you were looking for rather than diversions?) will result in any organisation and politics will emerge, its only natural and Sikhi as an organised religion is subject to it as is any other - what we need to do as individuals is have any balls to see through the supposed 'religiousity' that garbs the political aspirations.

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You're right that there is a lot of religiousity garbing political aspirations. But I still think that there is a struggle for philosophical dominance between many b/c people simply believe that they are teaching the true version of sikhi, and they want the truth to be disseminated for the simple reason that it's the truth (in their eyes). I don't think it's as black and white as every group simply promoting their philosophy to gain control. Pracharaaks with pure intentions still exist. At the very least, we can say that we have seen no negative intent (money grubbing) from some of these groups, for eg. Harkhowal dera. So right from the top in some groups, there is none of this attempt to gain power to get their hands in the golak.

I don't think the tension in the 1980's had anything to do with obtaining money from the Akaal Takht. I think it was solely based on opposing stances on the dharm yuddh morcha and some of the methods used to carry it out, and actions by buddha dal which were seen by many as siding with the indian govt against the panth, and actions by ddt, akj which were probably seen by buddha dal as being sacreligous.

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