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Everyone please answer this question ! thnx

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If I say our main goal of human birth is the prapti of Waheguru then what do you guys think I am trying to say , please try to answer in one sentence if possible

Thank you very much

for niranjana, you dont say anything yet, I wanna see how many people on this forum get what I meant with the word Prapti, treat it like a poll

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w-bol u just confirmed niranjana's point that prolonged usage of incorrect words corrupts the language. Its good that you are intelligent enough to understand exactly what karmjeet meant but there are (quite a few) people who're not drinking out of the same cup as u and karmjeet so it will be good if you spare them the confusion.

So shouldn't you be more careful when choosing your words? Think about it.

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I am not as learned as most on this forum, but I think realizing Waheguru is something that is not done outside but inside. We have to meet/realize/experience Akaal Purakh within our own self. We are drops, He is the ocean. He is our source. Once we shed the barrier of duality, maya, ego etc. we can see/meet/realize/experience Him. Those who have done this are brahmgyanis.

Please correct me if I am wrong

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