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Raagmala Katha to download


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came to an end some time ago. lost my way with all the rubbish the Bahadur Singh talked about, kind of twisted my thoughts and ended up not knowing what to believe. it is time for me to refocus, listen to people who are influential and knowledgeable and learn. i thought to myself one who has no knowledge cannot teach another. For that reason i look foreward to posts from Neo, Tirath, yourself and the many other knowledgeable ones so that i may learn to understand even a small amount of the vast gyan in the world

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all the katha that is done on raagmaalaa by students of taksal is based on the arth done by sant gurbachan singh. the katha is all really similar, whether you listen to sant jarnail singh, giani pooran singh, or giani takhur singh, the arth are the same, but giani pooran singh gives more examples and expands more than the others.

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as Bahadu said, its only a matter of using the right concepts. Incarnation is blasfemius while manifestation is at the right side of what is almost blashemefous.. As Bahadur himself showed, Gurbani is against the sayings of God taking birth, and as we all know, The Gurus took birth.

could you please send me what you have written so far, as i am very interested in the subject.

maybe we could open a new thread on this.

as Bhai Nand Lal says :

He (Guru Gobind Singh) is the king of the beginning and end, He is the manifested, as well as the unmanifested(Nirgun/Sargun)..

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