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Who is the most entertaining poster of 2007?

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I personally am currently a fan of w-bol's writings. They are a great read. I no longer flip through the comics page of my newspaper when I am stressed out anymore! Also my other favourite poster is mr. chatanga with his infamous "this is new to me" quote. Always gets me, that one! :D Guess I should also mention the old timers: t-singh, niranjana and freed (in no particular order!)

Least entertaining would be javanmard, kam1825, N30 and shaheediyan. Sorry, just my opinion. Wonder if someone can make a poll for this. :LOL:

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Without doubt, Chatanga is the clear winner, with no close competition!

Here a few classics:

"it was also sed that Guru Dasam ji had very long arms. imagine a 5"4 inch tall person wiv long arms..."

"cos that is pretty far reaching and almost everyone but the mahapursh would be included in this group, and I would be the husband of 2 prostitutes."

"you was getting close to breaking your rehat by getting your kashera into a twist. That worried me. Now the camp organisers wiv the kirpa of Akal have clearly expressed their intentions, so I'm hoping that you would be relieved, and you wouldnt get your kashera into a twist, therefore not breaking your rehat, and avoiding having to go pesh.

I was worried about you, but now im not. "

"i know i is gonna sound thick but can any1 explain what a spool is?"

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