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What's your favourite katha?


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katha itihasak-wise the most inspiring for me is that by Giani Pinderpal Singh of Saka Nankana. Its tremendous to listen to and the way he shows the sacrifice the then Akalis is wonderful. It makes you ask yourself if you have the same kurbani-bhavana of the SIkhs of yesteryear.

katha gurmat wise i really like by Giani Maan Singh Jhaur the katha of Bawa Brahm Das. Giani Ji was superb and he tells the storey of Bawa Brahm Das who's Bunga is by Darbar Sahib, and he had too much maan to visit Guru Arjan Dev Ji and then ended up in trouble. Henceforth he prayed that Guru would help him. Kinda like myself who largely ignores Guru unitl i get into trouble.

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Katha by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae. Amazing

The Katha od the Sahaskritee Saloks is brilliant with the Uthanika and the teachings to people who just gain knowledge in order to argue rather then to leisten and learn from. This Katha is for the egotistical scholar (Bahadur take note). Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave a great updesh to Pandit Gopal Datt.

Also the Katha of the Jaijaivanti Raags in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji as they spend go through all the meanings of Ik Onkaar at the start of the Shabads in some speed but depth at the same time. Too much knowledge crammed into such a little time

They really were a jewel

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bhai pinderpal singh did katha on guru gobind singh jee's avtar diharra gurpurb, the recording is somewhere on the internet, its amazing

bhai pinderpal singh - in one of the first 2-3 files in the salok mahalla nauvan recordings he starts talking a lot about shaheedi of guru teghbahadur as well as bhai mati das, bhai sati das and bhai dayalla jee. I can't remember what was said, but i just remember that it was really good.

parts of ardaas katha by bhai pinderpal singh are also amazing - ardaas katha is probably the best collection of kathas by bhai pinderpal singh in my opinion.

the bir rassi katha on gurmatveechar.com by jangvir singh is really good too.

bani katha:

Sant Gurbachan Singh - jap jee sahib (must listen, if sant guebachan singh's is too fast, then listen to gyani takhur singh's)

Sant Gurbachan Singh - Bhagat fareed jee's saloks

Sant Gurbachan Singh - I could list a lot more, but in truth, all of the katha done by Sant Gurbachan Singh is pretty good, listen to any of it and you'll love it...baawan akhree, asa dee vaar, rehraas are other ones i thought were really good. There is also the salok in raag maajh (akhee baajhu vaekhnaa, vin kanna sunnana), sampardain teekas, from what i heard, usually have arond 16 arth of this salok...Sant Gurbachan Singh does like 25-30 of them.

Sant Kartaar Singh - Kirtan Sohila katha, its on gurmatveechar.com - pretty much the same arth done as sant gurbachan singh, but more explanation and saakhian done in the middle.

Sant Kartaar Singh - sant kaa maarag dharam kee pauree - they go thru the 7 stages of brahmgian which I believe are found in yog vashisht, and talk about some other things as well. I remember the katha being on the barsi of a mahapurkh...cant remember which one anymore

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