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Kabbit - Bhai Gurdaas Ji

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Bhai Gurdas Ji - original scribe of Sri Ad Granth Sahib and and 1st true Sikh academic/intellectual/scholar.

Bhai Gurdas Ji's 2 works - Vaaran and Kabitts are both considered canonical by the wider Panth, alongside Bhai Nand Lal Goya Ji's ghazals.

The 3rd - the 6 Sanskrit Slokas -as far as I know, have now been lost and were never recorded by anyone.

The Kabitts have not been as popular as the Vaaran due to them being written mostly in Braj Bhasha.

Bhai Sahib is said to have written the Kabbits whilst residing in Benaras, and it is said they contain nearly no Persian or Arabic words. Bhai Sahibs command of Sanskrit and knowledge of the indic scriptures and schools was great.

The Kabitts are said to be the most brilliant example of Gurmat sidhant.

Hope that little helps.

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it is good that someone went through the trouble to create thsi pdf but a shame they have missed words and in some places lines. This is the same with the Vaaran.

Good Gurmukhi Teekas of the Kabbits are available - The teekas of Sant Sampooran Singh, Giani Bishan Singh Ji, Bhai Seva Singh and Bhai Veer Singh are good but the best i have found is the two part teeka with viakhiya by Giani Mani Singh.

Also available is an english version at www.dtfbooks.com but personally i did not think it was worth the £18 i spent on it.

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LOL, Kam do you own shares in dtf? (just jesting).

dtf also sell an English translation of the same by Shamsher Singh Ji Puri, only translation thus far I think.

Kam, do you know of any complete audio recitation available on the net in the original language?

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there is a lot of sant gurbachan singhs katha on the vaaran on damdamitaksaal.org.

I was reading bits and parts of the kabits today after you posted it, and the padchhed also seems to be off, but they are still amazing. Its a shame that pracharaks dont stress the kabits more, they really do help in understanding gurmat.

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im afraid their is no recording of the kabitts in katha or shudh paath form. i know master Darshan Singh from the Namdharis was trying to do this. I love his gurbani recordings.

The recordings on Damdamitaksaal.org of the vaaran have not been cleaned and seperated. Lazy bit of work really. Will have to get that sorted.

The Shamsher Singh Puri english translation is the one i have. it is ok but very basic.

The Bhai Veer Singh Ji is said to be his own from a hath likhat pothi but who knows.

The best teeka has to be giani mani singh as all the kabits are answers to specific questions which are all in the steek. Giani Mani Singh has done the steek from the arth he learned from Sri Maan Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae

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