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Damdami taksal linage

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i was talking to a singh earlier, and he said there are no sources of Taksal being founded by Baba Deep Singh, nor any sampardayas started by Guru Gobind Singh, all is based on oral traditions..

Is it true, are there no scriptures of 18.century mentioning any of these samprdayas being started by one of the GUrus

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The first mention of this Samparda is from Sant Giani Sundar Singh Ji and later mentioned by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji.

The stuff on the Sarbloh site is bull, it even states that Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji never mentioned the samparda and Sant Kartar Singh Ji made it up? If that is the case why do Sant Gubachan Singh Ji mention the sampardavali and the founders at the beginningof their katha and also do a whole katha on the creation of the taksal which you can now find on the web.

The stuff on Sarbloh is Niddars own biased views due to his hatred of taksal

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As per my understanding and reading - Baba Deep Singh was an Akali Nihang - of the Nihang (Shaheed) Misl, as was Maha-Yodha Baba Gurbaksh Singh Ji Shaheed.

I do not think that Taksal was a samprada as such (depends on how one defines samprada), if anything, it certainly may represent a gur-shishya lineage (one of many) a lineage of santhia/ithihaas certainly.

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I would agree with Shaheediyan. Damdama Sahib has been a central of learning and many Nirmalas and Gyanis of Gurbani from the region also became Namdharis, one of which had the great fortune of reading Path to Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji every morning. But the institute of Damda i.e. Taksal is certainly a more recent innovation (nothing wrong with it being new ofcourse.)

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