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a heart breaking video clip


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Thank you Amardeep Ji, that was the very true and painful reality of the world we live in.

The manifest beauty of God - the true Devi - as seen in the childrens elder sister was truely the most divine and spiritual experience one could have. I can only imagine what it would have been like to witness the unbound love of one of my greatest Sikh heroes - Bhagat Puran Singh Ji Maharaj - who devoted every second and breath of his life taking care of Punjabs unfortunate abandoned people - who were even not allowed to enter holy gates of Sri Harimandhir Sahib thanks to our present day Sikh sevadaar.

God bless those iron willed children and their God like sister. These are the people we should help in the tradition of true Sevapanthis like Bhai Kanaya and Bhagat Puran Singh Ji, rather than wasting time over 'religious dogma' as the presenter put it.

Naam kamai and Atmik gyaan is only as good as the compassion and positive action it creates.


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I went to see pingalwara ashram in Amritsar this summer. Im normally an insensitive guy... i dont really have feelings or pity, but when we went to a hall where they had pictures of the life of Bhagat Pooran Singh, i almost started to cry.. This gurmukh has done an immense amount of sewa. It really had a deep impact on me

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