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Baba Nanaka

Malwe Da Sher

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Its funny where they have shown actual panjabis doing kethi and not our Bihari's brothers.

Nevertheless, a good song.

I think they are showing a idealic romantic rural Punjab of 50 years ago. In the video they even show the Jatt doing Kethi with an oxen and also wearing a Turlaywali Pagh, which is how people were 50 years ago. Back then they didn’t have Biharis doing Kethi for Jatts. Farming in those days was real tough physical work and also required the Jatt to eat a lot of healthy food for energy, which is why Jatts back then were also pretty tough and strong. But now with the Jatts making the Biharis doing all the work, the Jatts having the same amount of food, but no physical work has resulted with the Jatts being overweight. Plus the lack of work has also resulted in Jatts having too much time on their hands which has resulted in a drug problem amongst the youth.

In Punjab today there is now a problem with shortage of Biharis. Now Biharis want to go to other states such as Maharasthra and Gujarat to work in industrial companies isntead of doing labour for Punjabi Jatts. I think that the Jatts will have to start working again, but unfortunately the physically hard working Jatt in Punjab seems like a thing of the past for now.

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Biharis are the backbone of Punjab- and the inheritors of ancient skills - be them farming, ironmongery, carpentry or masonery etc - they are doing all the tuff work and acquiring all the knowledge, whilst the Punjabi youth squander, laze, intoxicate and fornicate. The Punjabi romance is over.

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What's even worse is when some so called "Panthic" type people act xenophobic towards these poor Bhaiyas sort of like the Bal Thakre Shiv Sena. I find that to be the most double standard type thinking of these so called "Panthic" bodies. Worst thing is, I've even seen these so called Panthic people going to the extent of even praising Raj Thakre for acting violent against migrant workers. These migrant workers are just working people trying to feed their families just as Punjabi immigrants in the west.

I myself not too long ago when I was heavily influanced by this so called Panthic/Hindu Phobic propaganda was also thinking how bad it was these these Bhaiyas are moving into Punjab. But now that I think of it, it is no different than Punjabi immigrants in the west also trying to create a better life for their families. No difference between us and them.

If you even go on a deeper level then even these racial/ethnic differences are really idiotic. I mean, I am now a Punjabi, but in my previous births I could have well been a Bhaiya myself. My Atma is casteless, it has no racial or ethic identity. If I am being racist based on my caste/ethnic/race then I am identifying with my body which is temporary. As Sri Krishan Jee says in Gita, the Soul goes through reincarnation as a body takes off and wears new clothing. That is how temporary our body's race/ethnicity/Jaat-Paat is if you put it in the correct perspective of the over all bigger picture of reality.

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Maybe my understanding is a bit wrong, but what exactly is wrong with being a physical descendent of Sri Ram Chandra Jee?

Was Sri Raam Chandra jee is demon? did he commit some great sin that we should be ashamed that he is an ancestor of Guru Gobind Singh Jee?

What annoys me the most is when our people insult Sri Ram Chandra Jee who is an ancestor of Dashmesh Jee, while due to being influanced by Dalit prapaganda those same BeGhairat people praise Ravan who kidnapped another man's wife(Sita Ji). This happened recently on the Tapoban forum.

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