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What is A Prayer?

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What exactly is a prayer? What is its purpose? Can prayer simply be for letting God know what was going on in our minds; he'd know already. Is it for talking to God? I'm not sure that entirely makes sense, as he already knows what we are thinking and can respond accordingly by simple thought insertion. Why can't we have an ordinary thought conversation with him; why should it take deep concentration and focus? Is it for worship? Then why, again, does it take deep concentration and focus, as he can read our surface thoughts just as well? Is one of its purposes to ask a favor in hard times? Again, why the deep concentration and focus?

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The mind of an ordinary person is uncontrollably active with incoming alerts from the five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, and with directing outgoing messages to the motor nerves in response. true concentration whether on prayer or God or anything else, is impossible so long as the mind is thus outwardly distracted. most people experiance surcease from the sensory tumult only in the state of sleep, when the mind automatically stills the flow of the life energy that activates the sensory and motor nerves. meditation techniques teach of controlling the life energy consciously, enabling one to disconnect the mind at will from the intrusion of the senses. this creates not an unconscious oblivion, but a blissful transference of identity from the false reality of the body and sensory world to the truth of ones being, the supernal soul, created in gods image. in that interiorized silence wherein the souls divine sonship is no longer squandered in the prodigal outward consciousness, true prayer and divine communion with God, are not only possible, but dynamically effective.

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