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Damdami Taksal


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I tried to post this on the original Dam Dami Taksal thread but it was closed due to the topic getting way off the subject.

The issue i raise is that many people have stated that Taksal did not exist prior to Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji or Sant Kartar SIngh Ji. Also that the Giani Samparda has never been around before Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji

I got hold of The Kabit Savaiyai Steek by Giani Bishan SIngh ji from 1911. In this he mentions the sources he has used to complete his Dasam and Sri Guru Granth Shaib steeks in the years 1900 - 1905. Two of the sources used are from the late 19th century which ar steeks on the Sri GUru Granth Shaib Ji and Dasam Granth.

Guru Granth Sahib Steek by Giani Bhagwan SIngh Ji Sampardai Taksal.

Dasam Granth by Giani Bakhshish Singh Ji Sampardai Taksal

Again thos poses the question. If the sampardai taksal was only 'made up' in the early 20th century then how come we can find people stated they belong to the Giani Sampardai Damdami Taksal in the 19th century?

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That is the lineage as put foreward by Sant Giani Sundar SIngh Ji and Sant Amir SIngh Ji Sato Gali Walae. Both agree with the lineage of taksal which is not a samparda but a jathabandee of a lineage where one sikh has passed the katha done by Guru Gobind SIngh Ji at Damdama Sahib from one to another keeping the same arths as given by guru gobind singh Ji to the Hazoori Sikhs.

The only reason i opened this thread was due to the number of people who state that this tradition of passing the meanings of the katha from person to person going back to Gru Gobind Singh Ji does not exists.

Sato Gali and Sewapanthi Ashram still state that their vidiya is a direct passing from Bhai Mani Singh while Taksal (Bhindra/Mehta/Sangrawan/Boparai/etc) all state their knowledge is a direct passing from Baba Deep Singh Ji.

I just wanted to know why that is still doubted and for that reason brought up the two Gianis of the Taksal Sampardai's from the late 19th century. It has been disputed that the Giani Samparda or the Taksal existed before Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji.

How come it is the first ever time the 'Sampardai Taksal' has been linked to the Nirmala. i may have missed it on a old thread but from my recollection cannot recall it coming up on a thread before. Bahadur this isn't one of your make it up on the moment things is it!

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amardeep, i m sure they existed, they might have been known as different name. One thing we have to remember its - taksal its very generic term used many times by rara sahib, reru sahib, hoti mardan, harkhowale upsamparda's to describe their lineage.

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Why do you expect it to be mentioned? The Bhai Daya Singh Samparda doesn't get a mention either, yet it goes back to Bhai Daya Singh from the original 5 Pyare.

It is interesting to note that if you read about the jeevans of Mahapursh from the various Jathey, going back up to the 1700s, many of them were taught by a Taksali Ustaad at some stage.

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Again going back to the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji there were possibly between 5 - 10 Nirmalae Mahaprush as with Taksal. The one thing that does appea in the Sri Sooraj Prakash is the creation od the Damdama Bir at Damdama Sahib and the Singhs being taught katha so that it could later be passed on from Ustaad to shish

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