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Maha Kharag Singh

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Sodi Sache Patshah Tera Khalsa Japeh Akaal Hi Akaal!

Sadh Sangat Jeo,

Benti to all Dasam Guru Granth Pathis in the UK to give their details or give details of any Pathi you know who can do Paath of Dasam Darbar. We are looking to do an Akhand Paath of Dasam Granth in the Midlands and as soon as we get enough paathis well be able to set a date.

Please reply ASAP via pm


Daasan Daas Maha Kharag Singh

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Veer Ji,

This is the Singh Sahib I am talking about, I see him around the UK doing kathaa often, so expect he is based here, but unfortunately I don't have his details. I am pretty sure he is does paat of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib also.

Random comment - There was a cool concert on yesterday in TVU (Slough) with Samuel Randhawa (Sitar) and Ranbir Singh (Taus), shame you missed it. Next one is January with Ustaad Surjit Singh Ji (same place), remind me to give you and Chatanga the details in a few weeks.

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Ustaad Ji told me he did vocal performance, and hence as a result of this (i think ustaad ji was still on a high from his excellent vocals) He made us do 2 hours vocal practice the next day!!! All good, loved him for it, because thats what we need most.

With regards to the post.

Any maryada associated with Sri Dasam Darbar will be upheld and Das will personally see to that it is done. The thing is its not about just one paathi, you need at least 5 so that its done efficiently and smoothly.

Parkash with be done of both Adh and Dasam Darbar together and the Akhand Paaths will be simultaneous.

Any pangeh and well be waiting with our gidase lol

The sooner the sangat helps me find paathis the sooner the paaths date will be kept. As you all know committee members arent easy to appease therefore everything must be confirmed and set in stone if we are to get his ball on the roll

And Shaheediya Veerji if youve got any recordings of wednesday please post them on youtube

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