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Updated yeserday

Katha videos of Jaap Sahib Katha, Tav Parsad Savaiyai Katha and Benti Choupai Sahib Katha. Also individual Katha on BAba Gurbachan Singh Manochal, Sant Kartar Singh Ji and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji

The Kathakaar is Baba Major Singh Ji Amritsar Walae

very good and worth listening to


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Massive audio update on the gurmatveechar website today with the following added

15 recordings of Atmik bachan by Sant Ishar SIngh Ji Rara Sahib Walae

31 recordings of katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawae Walae

Raagmala katha by Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae

17 recordings by Sant Avtar Singh Ji Badni Kalan Walae

1 recording by Bhai Satnam Singh Ji DDT

1 redording by Giani Jaswant Singh Ji Darbar Sahib Walae

14 Divans by Giani Pritam Singh Ji DDT

18 recordings by Giani Ranjit Singh Ji DDT

12 recordings by Giani Tarsem Singh Ji Harkhowalae

6 recordings by Sant Baljinder Singh Ji Rara Sahib Walae

20 recordings by Sant Harpal Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae

3 recordings by Sant Lakhbir Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae

22 recordins by Sant Mohinder SIngh Ji Jarg Walae

1 recording by Bhai Sulakhan Singh Rara Sahib Walae

2 recordings by Sant Amrick Singh Ji Jarg Sahib Walae

1 recordings by Sant Giani Mohan Singh Ji Azad - writer of Pachmi Parkash and Rohani Updesh.

There is alot more to come including over 300 complete divans of Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib walae. over 200gb of videos are also being converted as well for the sangat

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Added today new videos

1 Video by Bhai Pinderpal Singh

10 Videos by Giani Jaswinder Singh Ji DDT

1 Video by Giani Thakur Singh Ji Patiala Walae

7 Videos by Sant Dalel Singh Ji Virakat

4 Videos by Sant Lakhvir Singh Ji Ratwar Sahib Walae

1 Video by Sri Mahant Gyan Dev Singh

1 Video by Swami Parmanand

28 videos by Sant Waryam Singh Ji


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More videos added today

15 videos by Sant Hari Singh Randhawae Walae

8 videos by Sant sukhchen Singh Ji Dharampura Walae

11 videos by Giani Gurpreet Singh Ji Randhawae Walae

1 video by bhai pinderpal Singh

1 video by Giani jaswinder Singh ji


Is it just my computer or is there no audio is the Mahant Gyandev Singh video? the audio wasnt working for me

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