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Creation of everything (all worlds, trinity etc.)


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  • 3 months later...

I doont know, it sounds to puranic so i got bored after a few minutes and stopped reading it..A story of creation is given in Gurbani

Kabir to Dharam Das (Kabir’s devotee): How GOD created the creation. This is quite

different as compared to Vedas/Puranas because all the Vedas/Puranas tells the stories how

world was creation after Brahma/Vinshu/Shiv. But the following narration tells us how creation

was created and how the trinity was created.

1. GOD created the souls, and looking at them HE felt very happy.

2. The GOD created 16 sons uttering the Shabads: All the sons (1 through 16) meditate on

SAT-PURASH and eat nectar. The limitless beauty of the worlds created cannot be

described. All worlds get light from the Light of Sat Lok. Even the sun and moon shine with

the Light of one hair of Purush.

a. 1st Shabad: "Worlds" and "oceans" were created. HE made the throne of the 4 worlds

and sat on the lotus. Where GOD sat, desire was created. In the WILL of SATPURASH

88,000 islands were created. In all the worlds HIS desires exists.

b. 2nd Shabad: "Kurma" was created with the desire of remaining attached to HIS feet.

c. 3rd Shabad: "Gyan" was born. When he came before Sat Purush and bowed down to

Him, HE ordered him to go into creation.

d. 4th Shabad: "Vivek" was born. He was ordered to live in creation by Sat Purush.

e. 5th Shabad: A brilliant light came into existence. A son named "Kal Niranjan" was

incarnated. He is created from the most glorious part of the body of Sat Purush that is

why he troubles the soul.

f. 6th Shabad: "Sehaj" was born.

g. 7th Shabad: "Santosh" was created who was given permission to go into creation.

h. 8th Shabad: "Surat/Attention" was created who was given permission to go into


i. 9th Shabad: "Infinite Happiness" was created.

j. 10th Shabad: "Forgiveness" was created.

k. 11th Shabad: "Nishkam" was created.

l. 12th Shabad: "Jal-Rangi" was created.

m. 13th Shabad: "Achint/Worrilessness" was created.

n. 14th Shabad: "Love" was created.

o. 15th Shabad: "Din Dayal" was created.

p. 16th Shabad: "Patience" was created.

q. 17th Shabad: "Yoga" and "Sants" were created.

3. "Kal Niranjan" did the devotion of GOD for 70 yugas standing on one leg.

a. GOD/Sat-Purash was pleased by him, GOD asked him for something as boon and

then Kal requested to have some place to live. GOD told him to go to "Mansarovar"

and he went there.

4. Again "Kal Niranjan" did the devotion of GOD for 70 yugas standing on one foot.

a. GOD asked "Sehaj" to inform Kal that HE is pleased with Kal Niranjan, and tell him

that I have already given him(Kal) 3 worlds to live and what is the purpose of his

devotion again.

b. "Sehaj" transfered the message to "Kal" and "Kal" requested that “He didn’t like this

small place. HE should bless me with either the world of Gods or a seperate new


c. "Sehaj" forwarded this to GOD and GOD ordered him to convey HIS message to

"Kal" that he can create his own creation (void plane) there. Now, "Kal" asked

"Sehaj" "How to create the universe? How can I develop it? How can I create 9

universes as ordered by GOD? Give me what I need to create the universe."

d. "Sehaj" conveyed the message to GOD, and GOD told him that: "All that is needed

for creation are within Kurma; taking them from him, Dharam Rai should do his

work. He should go to him and, bowing his head, should ask him for what he needs."

e. "Kal" went to "Kurma" with happiness and Pride and did not salute him. Dharam Rai

walked around Kurma in anger, considering how to get the materials of creation from

him. Kal attacked the heads of Kurma with his nails and the following things came

out in latent form (and not complete or physical form)

i. Breaking his (Kurma) stomach; air came out.

ii. From the three heads of Kurma the dynasty of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

came out.

iii. Five elements came out, including the sky with the moon, sun and stars; they

all came out of him.

iv. Matsya, Shesh Nag, Varah, and the pillars to support the earth came out, and

in this way the creation of earth started.

v. When Kal pulled the head of Kurma, sweat came out, when that drop of sweat

spread; the earth started floating on it.

vi. From the stomach of Kurma, his son Kurma was born-on whom Shesh Nag

and Varah were erected. Recognize the head of Shesh Nag as the earth, below

whom the son Kurma resides.

vii. The created son of Kurma is in the egg, while the original Kurma lives

separately in Sat Lok, where he meditates on Sat Purush as before.

viii. "Kurma" said to Sat Purush: "Nirankar came at me with full force and

manifesting his character climbed on my body: He tore my stomach and didn't

obey your orders.”

ix. Then Sat Purush said this to Kurma: "He is your younger brother. This is the

way of the older ones: they should not pay attention to the bad qualities of the

younger, and they should love them." Hearing the words of Sat Purush,

Kurma was pleased. He was the form of nectar, and remained forever in


5. Again "Kal" did the devotion for 64 yugas standing on one foot: He thought "Without the

Seed, what do I do with the heavenly world, the mortal world, and the world below? How do

I make body?” He was determined to get life for the worlds.

a. GOD again sent "Sehaj" to "Kal" to ask: "What new thing does he ask for now?" and

asked "Sehaj" to give him everything he needs to create the universe. "Tell him to

create the universe, leaving all deceptions."

b. "Kal" asked "Give me some place where I can dwell(a permanent place to live)".

"Sehaj" told him that "Whatever came out from Kurma's stomach, Sat Purush has

ordered to give to you. You have been given the Kingdom of the three worlds! Now,

without any fear, create the universe."

c. "Kal" asked "Tell Sat Purush I beg Him to give me the Seed for the field of my

creation. I am His servant and do not rely on any one else. Daily I remember Him.".

d. "Sehaj" conveyed the message to GOD. Then Sat Purush in HIS Will created a

female who had eight parts in her body. She had eight hands, and came and stood on

the left side of Sat Purush. Her name was "Adhya/Ashtangi/Bhavani/Great Maya)".

e. "Adhya" was told by GOD: "Daughter, go to Dharam Rai/Kal. Take hold of that

which I give you, and meeting with Dharam Rai, create the universe.” Then Sat

Purush gave her the Seed of the jiva (for 84 lakh joonis), whose name is Sohang/Jiva.

She was given the Root Seed of eighty-four lakhs of births. She went to create the

living universe, after bowing her head to Sat Purush. All this was given to the first

woman, who went to Mansarovar. Sat Purush created 3 powers: Fearlessness,

Consciousness of Himself, and Ulghani.

f. GOD sent "Sehaj" to "Kal" to disclose this information: "The Root Seed has been sent

to you. Now you can create the universe as you like. Go and live in Mansarovar, so

that the universe can be created."

6. Kal Niranjan came and settled in Mansarovar. He looked at “Adhya” and by looking at every

single part of her body he became impatient, and he swallowed the woman.

7. Sat Purush cursing Kal: Sat Purash remembered what had happened to Kurma: how Kal had

also attacked him to control him, and had destroyed his three heads knowing this character of

Kal, Sat Purush cursed him.

a. Sat Purash thought “How can I finish Kal? He is very dangerous and will make the

souls restless. I cannot destroy him or stop him; he is my worthless son. If I withdraw

him into myself, I will have to bring everything back."

b. Sat Purash thought that "This is my immovable Word: I will remove Kal from here.

He will never be allowed to enter my region! I will keep my word.” HE asked that

women to "to go and live in heaven, in the mortal world, and the world below, whose

king is Kal. She should come out of the stomach of Dharam Rai and she will get good

fruit for this good deed.

c. Go and tell Dharam Rai that now that woman is his."HE asked Jogjit to tell that

women to remember my word and come out of Kal's stomach. HE sent "Jogjit" to

have this task completed.

d. "Jogjit" said to "Kal": "Dharam Rai, you have eaten that woman! And Sat Purush has

ordered me to expel you from here." Jogjit asked the woman, "Why are you in his

stomach? Tear it and come out!-and remember the Glory of Sat Purush!"

e. Hearing this, Dharam Rai burned with anger within himself, and coming before Jogjit

he clashed with him.

f. Sat Purush ordered him (Jogjit) to hit the center of Kal's forehead with full force.

Jogjit did as he was ordered. When Jogjit hit him, Dharam Rai fell down far from Sat

Lok. The woman came out from his stomach, and, seeing him again, became afraid.

She was in doubt and afraid of Kal.

8. Creation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv by Kal and Adhya:

a. Kal Niranjan said, "Listen, woman! Give up your fear of me. Sat Purush created you

for me; now let us create the universe together. I am your man and you are my

woman: give up your fear!"

b. The woman said, "Why do you talk like this? You are my elder brother!" The woman

said, "Listen, father, why do you talk like this, knowing our relation? I am your

daughter now, since you put me in your stomach! Previously you were my elder

brother-now you are my father. Look at me with pure eyes, or you will be committing

a sin! If you look at me with desire you will become a sinner."

c. Niranjan said, "Listen, Bhavani, I will tell you the truth: I am not afraid of sins and

virtues, because I myself am their creator. All the sins and virtues are born from me,

and from me no one will ask the account. I will spread sins and virtues, and any one

who becomes entangled in them is ours. That is why I am telling you to understand

and accept my word. Sat Purush has given you to me, Bhavani! Obey my word!"

d. Hearing this, the woman laughed; they agreed with each other and both of them were

delighted. She spoke attractive words in a sweet voice; she thought of having sexual

relations with Dharam Rai.

e. The woman said, "I don't have a genital organ."

f. Then Niranjan acted this way: With his nail, he immediately cut the hole of her

genital organ, and in that way the door of creation was formed. The blood started

pouring from the genital organ as it was harmed by the nail and since then the act of

sexual intercourse has existed.

g. Kal indulged for three times and Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were born. Brahma is

the oldest, Vishnu the second born, and Shambu the youngest.

h. When Kal and the woman enjoyed together, the creation was begun.

i. Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Sky-all these came out from Kurma's stomach. The five

elements were taken from his stomach and the three qualities came out of his head. In

this way the three gunas were manifested and Dharam Rai (Kal) created the universe.

j. He mixed the elements and the gunas and gave them to the goddess, and then he

created his own essence. He dropped three drops in the genital organ of the woman

and three parts were created. Five elements and three gunas were mixed: In this way

the world was created.

k. From the first drop Brahma was born, who was given the Rajo Guna and the five

elements. From the second drop Vishnu was born and was given the Sato Guna and

the five elements. From the third drop Mahesh was born and was blessed with Tamo

Guna and the five elements. Five elements and three gunas were mixed, and thus their

bodies were made. That is why, again and again, the world is destroyed, and no one

knows the secret of its beginning.

9. Instructions of Kal Niranjan (Dharam Rai) to Adhya:

a. Kal said, "Listen, 0 Woman! Obey me. You have the Seed of Life. Using it, create the

universe." Again Niranjan said, "Listen, my queen-do as I say. I have given you three

sons. Now I am going to take my attention to the service of Sat Purush.

b. Taking these three children, rule over the world, and don't tell the secret of my

existence to anyone.

c. None of my three sons will have my darshan; if one searches for me, he will waste his


d. Spread such beliefs in the world that no soul will be able to get the Knowledge of Sat


e. When my three sons get older, send them to churn the Ocean."

f. Kal become invisible after explaining these things to Adhya.

10. When the three boys became wise, their mother told them to go churn the Ocean. But they

were playing games, and didn't want to go.

11. In the meantime it so happened, Kal Niranjan practiced Yoga and started blowing much

wind. When he exhaled, out came the Vedas.

12. The Vedas then prayed and asked, "What are the oracles for us, O Niranjan?" They were

told: "Go and live in the Ocean. Remain with him who will find you." This sound occurred

but the form was not seen. Only a deep light was seen.

13. The Vedas came to where Dharam Rai (Kal Niranjan) had created the Ocean. When they

went into the depths of it, Dharam Rai thought of this: He spoke to the goddess, through

invisible dhyan, and asked her "Quickly send the three children to churn the Ocean! Obey my

orders with determination."

14. Adhya asking Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv to churn ocean 1st time:

a. "Go to the Ocean quickly, my sons! There you will find the treasures." Brahma

obeyed her words and started towards the Ocean. The other two followed him.

b. When each of them churned the Ocean they got three things: Taking all three, they

started happily home to their mother. They came to her and showed her their things.

She told them to keep them to themselves. The 3 things were:

i. Brahma got the Vedas,

ii. Vishnu got fire, and

iii. Mahesh got poison.

15. Adhya asking Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv to churn ocean 2nd time:

a. "Again go and churn the Ocean. Whatever you get, keep it with you."

b. Saying this, Adhi-Bhavani played a trick, and created three women. Each of them had

her essence in her. Each of them came before their mother, who distributed them

among her sons.

c. When they churned this time, they found the three women, which made them very

pleased. Taking the women with them, they came and bowed down to their mother.

The mother said, "Listen, my children: These are for your work." Each was given a

woman and ordered to enjoy with her:

i. Brahma was given Savitri;

ii. Vishnu was given Laxmi.

iii. Shankar/Shiva was given Parvati.

d. All three brothers indulged in lust and thus the gods and demons were born.

16. Adhya asking Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv to churn ocean 3rd time:

a. “Again go and churn the ocean”.

b. They churned the ocean without any delay and distributed what they got among

themselves. The mine of fourteen jewels came out, which they brought to their

mother. All three brothers were happy;Vishnu took the Nectar and Mahesh took the


17. Adhya said: "All three of you: create the universe!''. 84 lakh of species were created, and the

earth was made half water, half land.

a. Adhya created the egg-born: Egg-born has 3 elements (water, fire, air)

b. Brahma created the womb-born: Womb-born has 4 elements (earth, water, fire, air).

Among the womb-born human is supreme, which contains 5 elements (earth, water,

fire, air, sky) and also 3 gunas.

c. Vishnu created the moisture-born: Moisture-born has 2 elements (air, fire).

d. Shiva developed the seed-born: See-born has 1 element (water).

18. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv learnt that there is One formless (but actually a Kal Niranjan):

a. Brahma comes to know about the Formless (Kal Niranjan) by reading the Vedas.

b. The Vedas say, "There is but one Sat Purush (actually in Vedas Sat Purash is refered

to Kal and NOT actual Sat Purash), He is Nirankar and doesn't have any form. He is

seen in the form of Light in the plane of Void consciousness, and He cannot be seen

with the physical body. His head is in the heavens and His feet lie in the world

below." Finding this out, Brahma got intoxicated. He told Vishnu: "The Vedas have

told me about the' Original Person." Then he told Shiva that the gist of the Vedas is

that there is one Sat Purush. The Vedas say, "There is one Sat Purush, but we don't

know His secret."

c. Brahma came to his mother. Saluting her, he touched her feet. "0 mother, the Vedas

have told me that there is another Creator!" Brahma said, "Listen, my mother! Tell

me-Who is your husband? Shower grace on me and don't hide this from me: Where is

our father?"

d. His mother said, "Listen Brahma, you don't have any father; everything is created

from me; I have nourished the whole creation."

e. Brahma said to Adhya: "I believe you, that you have done all this: but why did you

hide this before? The Vedas say that there is one Alakh Niranjan Sat Purush- If you

are the creator, why didn't you think of this before?-

f. She thought, "How do I make him understand? He doesn't believe me. If I tell him

about Niranjan, how is he going to accept it? Moreover Niranjan has told me that no

one can have his darshan. If I tell him he is invisible. How do I make him see him?"

Thinking carefully, she told her son, "Alakh Niranjan doesn't give his darshan."

g. Brahma said, "Tell me where he is, and don't worry about pros and cons. I don't

believe your words; I don't like this business. First you want to delude me, now you

say, 'He doesn't give darshan, so you won't have darshan.' Don't say useless things

like this.

h. His mother said, "Listen Brahma! I am telling you the truth. His head is in the seventh

heaven and his feet are in the seventh world below. If you desire his darshan, take a

flower in your hand and go bow your head to him."

19. Search of Kal Niranjan by Shiv: Mahesh/Shiv didn't let his attention waver. He didn't utter a

word; he just kept serving his mother. He kept his attention on his mother's service.

20. Search of Kal Niranjan by Vishnu: Vishnu headed for the world below; he also wanted the

darshan of his father: Vishnu returned first of all and told her his story: "I didn't see my

father's feet. With the fire of Shesh Nag's poison my body became black. I became upset over

this and came back. I didn't have my father's darshan."

21. Search of Kal Niranjan by Brahma and Brahma telling lies to her mother: Brahma turned

towards the earth, with his head down after hearing from his mother.

a. He got to the place where there is no sun nor moon-it is only the Void there. In many

ways he prayed, and then he contemplated the Light. In this way many days passed

but still he didn't have the darshan of his father. He wasted 4 yugas in contemplating

the Void, but still he did not have his father's darshan.

b. His mother worried in her heart, "Where is my oldest son, Brahma? How can I

continue to create? When will he come back?" Rubbing her body, the mother took out

filth and created the form of a daughter. The essence of Shakti was mixed with her,

and the name Gayatri was given to her.

c. Adhya said, "Daughter, listen to this: Brahma is your eldest brother. He has gone in

the sky to have the darshan of his father. Go and bring him back after making him

understand that he will never have the darshan of this father. He will waste his birth

in searching for him. Whatever it takes to bring him, go and do it, and bring him


d. Gayatri went to find Brahma, but he was mediating while his eyes closed. When

Gayatri contacted Adhya, she received this message: "Brahma will awaken only when

you touch him." So Gayatri did as she was told by her mother: After reflection, she

touched his lotus feet.

e. When Brahma awoke and his attention was disturbed, he became upset and said,

"Who is this sinner, this guilty one, who has made me leave off my Samadhi? I will

curse you because you have disturbed me from my father's remembrance!"

f. Gayatri said, "First know my sin and then curse me. I am telling you the truth; your

mother has sent me to bring you back. Now come on, quickly-don't delay! Without

you, who will spread creation?"

g. Brahma said, "How can I go? I haven't had my father's darshan yet!"

h. Brahma tells Gayatri to bear false witness; Gayatri demands sexual relations with

Brahma in exchange.

i. After having relations with her, Brahma said "1 have another idea. Let me create one

more witness." Brahma said, "Good. Do anything to make Mother believe." Then

Gayatri thought, and, removing filth from her body, she created a daughter. Mixing

her own essence in her she named her Savitri/Puhupavati.

j. When Gayatri told her to say that Brahma had had the darshan of his father, then

Savitri asked Brahma to copulate with her in exchange of false lie. And Brahma did


k. All three started for the place where their mother was and all 3 lied that brahma had a

darshan of his father.

22. Adhya curses all 3 (Brahma, Gayatri, and Savitri) of them because they lied and commit sin.

a. Adhya was confused by the Brahma’s lies because she was told by Kal that no one

can have my darshan. She asked Kal and Kal responded with negative.

b. Brahma was cursed that:

i. Your race will also lie, and their innerselves will be full of sinner filth.

ii. They will make many rules and regulations; they will have the devotees of

Vishnu, and thus will fall in hell.

iii. They will tell the story of the Puranas to others, but acting differently, they

will suffer pain.

iv. I truly tell you about those who, hearing your race will get their knowledge

and do their devotion: They will search for the essence of other gods and

criticizing, will go into the mouth of Kal.

v. They will worship the gods in many ways, and for the sake of donations they

will cut off heads.

vi. Those who become their disciples and follow them will never get any spiritual

wealth. They will never reach the Path of Spirituality, and for their selfinterest

they will teach others.

vii. For self-interest they will make the world hear their knowledge, and will make

their own worshiping firm in the world. They will consider themselves higher

and others lower. “0 Brahma. Your race will be very blemished!"

c. Gayatri was cursed that:

i. You will have five husbands. Your first husband will be Vrishab. Your race

will spread very much, but will be destroyed.

ii. You will be incarnated many times, and will eat inedible food, as you have

lied monstrously. For self-interest you lied. Why did you bear false witness?"

iii. When Gayatri accepted the curse given by her mother, she herself cursed her

mother: "You will be the mother of those five, of whom I will be wife. You

will conceive a child without the help of man and the entire world will know

this," she said. So both of them suffered the reaction of the cursed. At the

appointed time both of them came in the human body.

d. Savitri was cursed that:

i. No one will ever believe you nor worship you for his own wishes. You will

dwell where there is dirt. Go and suffer hell, as you lied for lust.

ii. One who will sow and nourich you--his dynasty will come to an end. Now go

and take another incarnation as Kevda-Ketaki."

23. Adhya repented in her mind after she had cursed them:

a. She thought: "What will Niranjan do with me now? I'm not forgivable."

b. A sound came from the sky (Kal's voice), "0 Bhavani, what have you done? I sent

you to create the universe. Why did you do this? If any higher one harasses a lower

one, 1 am the one who takes care of the reprisal. When the Third Age comes you will

have five husbands."

24. Adhya asked Vishnu about his story when he searched for his father: She asked “You were

white. How did you become black?" Vishnu explained as follows:

a. As soon as you permitted me, I started for the world below to have the darshan of my

father's feet. In my hands 1 carried Akshat flowers and started walking on the path to

the world below.

b. I drew near the Shesh Nag, whose poison's power slowed me. The power of that

poison dwelt within me, and turned me black.

c. At that time I heard one sound, which I will tell you about: It said, “Vishnu, go back

to your mother and tell her the truth. As in Sat Yuga and Treta Yuga, when the fourth

path of Dwapar Yuga will come, then you will be incarnated as Krishna. I tell you, at

that time you will be avenged. In the Kalindi river you will stick Shesh Nag on a

string. Now go back without delay. One who harasses lower ones after becoming

higher, gets avenged by me. I will avenge him who harasses others.

d. Then I came back to you and told the truth to you. I didn't see my father's feet and my

body became black like the fire of poison.

25. Adhya giving reward to Vishnu & making him supreme of the 3 (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv):

a. Adhya said: Now I will make you see your father and will clear up the illusion of

your mind. First of all, look with the eye of your intellect, and obey my words with

your heart. Understand your mind as the creator: know no one as the creator except

the mind. In the heavens and worlds below, only the mind is spread; inverting your

attention, look in the void, where light is shining: Control your breathing and reach to

Gaggan; then contemplate on the path of the sky."

b. Vishnu did in his mind as his mother had explained. Controlling the breath, he went

within the cave and contemplated. A loud sound was made in the sky by a wave of

wind. Hearing the sound, his mind became intoxicated and then imagined. With the

imagination of his mind, white, yellow, green, and red clouds were seen in the void

plane. Mind showed himself to him. He showed the light-seeing which Vishnu

became happy. Vishnu bowed his head to his mother with humility and dependence:

"0 my mother, with your grace I have seen the Lord (actually the Kal)."

Look at the trick played by the woman: Hiding the Nectar, she cleverly gave the Poison to her son. There is no

difference between Kal and that light seen by Vishnu. Refer to Question/Answer at the end of this document.

But WHY? Kabir replied to his devotee that "Due to women's attributes: When there is a girl in the family, she is

brought up with many conveniences: Her food, clothing and bedding are provided. But everyone regards her as

an outsider. Lovingly performing the ceremonies, she is made to depart with her husband. When the daughter goes

to her husband's home, she is dyed in the colors of her husband. She forgets her mother and father: Dharam Das,

this is the quality of woman. That is why Adhya also became an alien, and she, the Bhavani, became a part of Kal.

That is why she didn't manifest Sat Purush and showed the form of Kal to Vishnu. Moreover, Sat Purash

HIMSELF ordered Adyla to be with Kal.

c. Adyla/Maya made Vishnu the supreme.

26. Adyla asked Shiva to ask for anything:

a. Shiva asked "Mother, I'll do as you order. I ask for this boon only: that my body will

never be destroyed!”

b. Adyla/Ashtangi said, "This can never happen; no one can become immortal. But if

you practice Yoga, and control the breathing, then your body will survive for four

yugas. As long as the earth and sky exist your body will never perish."

27. Vishnu modifying (to some extent) Brahma’s curse by Adhya:

a. Brahma desperately goes to Vishnu and tells him of his pain; Vishnu consoles him.

Arriving there, he requested Vishnu, saying, "You are my brother and supreme

among Gods. Vishnu said, "Give up the fear of your mind; I will serve you. You are

my elder and I am your younger brother. So remove all doubts and worries. Anyone

who is my devotee will serve your family too. The Yajna and worship done without a

Brahmin will not be accepted.

b. Vishnu guarantees the Brahmin's indispensability in Vaishnavite Hindu ritual and

veneration among Vaishnavites, but cannot remove the fruits of hell from his headnor

does he try.

28. After all these happenings the world was created. This time eighty-four lakh bodies and four

kinds of creation were formed.

Important points:

Sat Purash & Gyan:

1. Sat Purash does NOT look at good or bad deeds. HE is controlled by the service.

2. Each son of GOD (1 through 16) represents an aspect of Sat Purush which had to manifest

separately in order for Creation to take place, even on the highest spiritual level. Sat Purush

has sixteen Powers, and with those Powers the soul goes to Sat Lok. Without those powers

the Master's system cannot work, and without those Powers, the soul gets stuck in the world.

3. GYAN Knowledge in the highest sense. This is the son of Sat Purush Who later incarnates as

Sat Sukrit, Maninder, Karunamai and Kabir.

Onkar and Om

1. Onkar is the root of the Vedas. In Onkar all the world is lost. Onkar is Niranjan, understand

this. And Sat Purush and His Naam are hidden.

2. Onkar means "the form of Om," and refers specifically to the sound of thunder coming from

the causal plane, the aspect of Shabda or Word manifesting on that level. The Rishis who

wrote the Hindu scriptures heard this Sound within themselves and reduced it to language as

Om, which is indeed a holy name. But, even though that Sound is high from our point of

view, and even though it is connected with the higher Sounds coming from the pure spiritual

planes above, it is still coming from Kal Niranjan. This is another replay of the "trick of

Maya," one of the very basic deceptions on which the fallen world hinges: that yogis and

many others believe that Om is Sat Purush and liberating by itself, whereas the opposite is

true: Om is Niranjan, and ultimately binding if one does not go past.


1. Vedas, the most holy scriptures of Hinduism, are the crystallization of the whole idea of

religion as an expression of law (dharma) and hence originated with Dharam Rai. Their

teaching is concerned with getting what one wants, and keeping this or that god from being

angry with us, through various methods of sacrifice or manipulation of the gods. It is a great

mistake to assume that the Vedas proper are a spiritual document; they are not. At a later date

under the influence of the Masters of that time, the writings known as the Upanishads were

added to the Vedas as a kind of spiritual appendix, but that is not what is referred to here. All

Indian Masters from Buddha onward have been very consistent in this: that the Vedas are to

be ignored and transcended.

Kal Niranjan & Adhya

1. Kal Niranjan is also called Mind/Time/Death/Yamraj. In Sachkhand, there is NO time.

2. Kal played a trick: If no one knows of the existence of the Negative Power, then his actions

will be ascribed to the Positive Power, as indeed they often are. The mind is the sower, the

soul the reaper. This is the supreme trick of Kal, the essence of the illusion of Maya: the

mind appears to the individual to be its most integral part, but in fact it is not a part of the

individual at all. It is only along for the ride.

3. Kal Niranjan does NOT usually manifest in the lower worlds except as individual mind. He

can be seen as himself by those who are coming from above, but not by those who come

from below. As far as the individual is concerned, the Negative Power is his mind and his

mind is the Negative Power. Mind is unstable and untrue, within a moment he shows

limitless frauds. No one can ever see the mind.

4. Adhya is also called MahaMaya/Ashtangi/Bhavani.


1. The jivas are involved in greed for profit and because of their desires they are devoured by

Kal. Nobody knows the drama of Kal! Giving them hope, Kal makes the souls dance. When

Sat Purush saw the souls in such a pitiful condition. He felt mercy on them.

2. When one defeats the mind and gets the Knowledge of Sat Purush, Sat Purush Himself

manifests within such a person. All the jivas have become foolish and think that Kal is the

Inconceivable One. Involved in the tides of Karma, they are suffering pain birth after birth.

Kal troubles the jivas, involving them in many Karmas: He himself plays the tricks-but gives

the consequences to the jiva.

3. Jivas cannot be saved without the true Shabda, and without the Essential Shabda, jivas go

into the mouth of Kal. Jiva needs to remember the GOD’s Shabad, but this Shabad cannot be

spoken by the tongue. The bodiless Naam is the emancipation giver. Naam can help us to

remember that shabad and Naam can ONLY be given by a perfect master or say GURU.

4. Five Nectars are the root of liberation.


1. 4 padarath: Kam (Sensual Desire), Moksha (Liberation), Dharma (Religion or law), Artha


2. Distribution of 84 lakh species:

- 09 lakh kinds of water creatures;

- 14 lakh kinds of birds;

- 27 lakh kinds of Insects;

- 30 lakh of trees and plants;

- 04 lakh of rational beings (humans, ghosts, supernatural beings etc.).

3. Then Brahma made the following:

a. 68 places of pilgrimage, karma, sins and virtues.

b. 12 signs of the Zodiac,

c. 27 planets,

d. 7 days,

e. 15 lunar days,

f. 4 yugas,

g. The Minute,

h. Second, and

i. Breathing time was estimated.

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Hhmmm this is more the story of many Mahayughs. It's not creation. That is in Gurbani. 

This more the lines of Vaaran Bhai Gurdas Ji, which is vouched for by Guru Sahiban. 

We'd have to compare them in depth. 

Bhagat Kabeer Ji, is just that, a revered Bhagat, but remember only some of their Bani is Gurbani. And the further matter would remain to authenticate it to Kabeer and the correct one. 

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