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centres of learning

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Where are the Centre's of Learning for Sikhs (ie nirmala, udasin & seva panthi) akin to Taxila, Benares etc? Where the old granths, languages (sanskrit, Braj, Farsi), ayurvedic medicine etc are studied?

I know that in Hardwar there is a concentration of Nirmalas, but do they have Vidiyalas there and what subjects/texts.?

Not including modern places where they just teach santhia/kirtan.

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I know that a few old Singhs who studied at Damdami Taksal learned 5 languages, traditional medicine and of course, all the granths relevant to Gurmat.

I guess how much they picked up depends on how long they were prepared to stay there.

Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhwal wale explain how they went to study from a Nirmala, which I think is how most people used to learn, rather than going to a particular 'centre' as such.

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