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Movement while doing Simran?

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What kind of movements ? Physical controlled movement or just involuntary movement.

Controlled movements can be explained when you are breathing in /out really fast , your body moves rhythmically along with it .

But about the involuntary movement I have no idea, I have also some people who lose control of their body when they are doing simran/japping naam.

A perfectly simple question hijacked to bring out vishe vikaar sad

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(i) Jerks : Beginners will get jerks in meditation. Meditation brings on changes in the cells of the brain, nerves, etc. Old cells are replaced by new vigorous cells filled with sattva. New nerve currents are formed now owing to the purification of the nadis (tubular astral vessels of the body) resulting from sadhana. New grooves, new channels for sattvic thought-currents are formed. The jerks pass off after some time. Sometimes there is tremor of the body during meditation. When you get these experiences you are progressing. Plod on. Persevere.

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If your talking about the AKJ style , For most people its just the normal inhale/exhale movements of the chest, which when matched to the simran makes it exagerated and biger than normal fast, rythmic movments.

It doesnt matter in what way you do simran but the idea is to keep to try keep still to focus your energy on the dasum dwar. Sant, mahapursh's sit in one posture of smadhi for hours, months or even years. When we move we are letting out energy that should really be focused on the dasum dwar area. However, moving slightly here and there shoudn't make any difference, and sometimes some movement may help in keeping the simran going, however nowadays it has become a trend to 'head-bang' especially in the akj youth were they just copy each other because they think thats the right way to do it! Please correct me if im wrong.

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