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Blind Singer


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Just watched these now, thank you so much for sharing these Amardeep.

The 1st video was simply amazing - it just shows the height of human determination..

The 2nd video, this left me speechless. That is the most perfect rendition of Heer I have ever heard in my life, and I have seen many. This is the raw passion the Mirasis/Rababis/Dhadis of old - the street performers in the tradition of Bhai Mardana. It was Guru Nanak Dev Ji who first uplifted them in social and economic terms - and in Guru Gobind Singhs court they were considered on par with Gurus Singhs.

3rd Video - hes been watching to much Zoolander.

4th Video - return of the "Disco Dancer"! gatka finally reaches its destiny - entertaining the desh on a dance show! Just to correct, I recall that Bibi is just partially blind.

5th Video - thats from my neck of the woods LOL! Thats Meharbaan Singh sitting in the back in the black t-shirt - he is an extraordinarly talented tabla player.

Sital Singh is cool - he teaches hundreds of kids around London in many Gurdwara, he teaches Dilruba, Vaaja, Tabla and some raag. That composition is actually quite nice. The only upsetting thing is that most kids only learn from him as children sent to the Gurdwara as kids, soon as they hit GCSE, many leave and don't do kirtan again. There simply isn't enough there to keep them hooked - learning a few compositions is not enough.

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The sain singer is absolutely amazing.. if i find any singers like him i'll post the links in this thread


Look up Taimur Afghani. He has a rendition of Waris Shah on youtube also.


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